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Comment: Re:would i rather (Score 1) 647

by jameson71 (#40713149) Attached to: Why Amazon Wants To Pay Sales Tax
Many times there are laws or contracts preventing this. For example, I know in CT it is illegal for a bar to buy beer at a supermarket and then sell it, even if it is cheaper than buying from a distributor (which it is). I imagine in the Art business, if they guy is caught buying at walmart and reselling, the distributor may refuse to sell him other things not available anywhere else.
PC Games (Games)

EA Shutting Down Video Game Servers Prematurely 341

Posted by Soulskill
from the sixty-dollar-yearly-fee dept.
Spacezilla writes "EA is dropping the bomb on a number of their video game servers, shutting down the online fun for many of their Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 games. Not only is the inclusion of PS3 and Xbox 360 titles odd, the date the games were released is even more surprising. Yes, Madden 07 and 08 are included in the shutdown... but Madden 09 on all consoles as well?"

Comment: Re:Pictures versus digital photos... (Score 1) 345

by jameson71 (#28734157) Attached to: New Developments In NPG/Wikipedia Lawsuit Threat
And similarly, when creating a rip of a dvd, the artist's choice of compression level, codec, ripping method, etc are all artistic choices. Therefore, under your logic, the pictures of each frame of the movie ripped are under the rippers copyright just as these pictures of paintings are.

+ - The IT Management Conference & Expo in NYC->

Submitted by
Barbara Kaye
Barbara Kaye writes "

The IT Management Conference & Expo in NYC will bring together the greatest minds in IT for 3-daysITMC will feature top IT Leadership including Gary Vaynerchuk, the CIO of Forbes, Founder of MySQL, Creator of PHP & CTOs from GE, IBM, CSC, AIG, Avocent, Citigroup, Nortel & many more

New York City — June 18, 2009: The IT Management Conference ( Oct. 14-16, 2009 in New York City will showcase 50+ presentations over 3-days from world-renown industry-leaders such as the Founder & Creator of MySQL Michael "Monty" Widenius, Internet Celebrity & Social Media Sommelier Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-Creator of PHP & Zend CTO Zeev Suraski and Richard Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations & Pioneer of Agile eXtreme Programming.ITMC will include presentations from Chief Executives such as:

- CTO of GE edgelab, Chris Kalish
— CIO of Forbes Media, Mykolas Rambus
— CTO of CSC, John A. Glowacki Jr.
— Deputy CIO of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Thomas Boyce
— CEO of 9,000+ employee firm iQor, Vikas Kapoor
— Distinguished Engineer & CTO for IBM, Richard Cocchiara
— CTO of Avocent Corporation, Ben Grimes
— Chief Innovation Architect of UnitedHealth Group, Murali Kaundinya
— CTO of Ascentium, Alessandro Muti
— Former-CTO of Citigroup, AIG & Kaiser Permanente, Carol Rizzo
— CEO of Savvion, Dr. M. A. Ketabchi
— CIO of Henry Schein North America & Chair of the LISTNET CIO Council, Grace Monahan
— Chief Business Architect at Unisys Corporation, Ron Zahavi
— Founder of ICT Advisory Group & Former-CTO of Nortel, Broadcom, Enterasys & Cabletron, John J. Roese

ITMC will take place at New World Stages, a trendy 60,000 sq/ft location just 4-blocks from Times Square that includes enormous presentation screens, open wifi and super-comfortable plush chairs with stepped-seating for a perfect view from every seat! A daily "Super Special New York Lunch" as well as all-day refreshments will be included.

Attendees can expect to improve their IT management knowledge and skills, do lots of power-networking, get involved in creative ideation and have great fun while learning to be a better leader. Exceptional sessions will include:

- How to Shine in a Dark Economy by Pamela Rucker, VP of IT for 120+ location industrial services firm PSC
— Enterprise Cloud Computing by Peter Coffee, Director of Platform Research for Salesforce
— Very High Scale Web Applications by Dan A. Richards, VP of Constant Contact Labs
— Web Site Success Factors by Alon Cohen, CTO of & Inventor of the basis of VOIP
— How to Raise Capital with Web 2.0 Technologies by Serial Entrepreneur David Teten
— Leading Change by Judy Balaban, Senior Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield
— Why Open Source Makes Sense by Marco Tabini, CEO & Publisher of php|architect and Python Magazine
— Creating Sustainable Technological Competitive Advantage by Oleg Vishnepolsky, CTO of 24/7 Real Media & the person responsible for the launch of the first consumer ISP

Conference attendees will have access to the IT Management Expo where they will gain insight into the most cutting-edge products and services exhibited and discover new tools to increase productivity, make their jobs easier and their work more efficient.

Attendees who are PMI-certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) will be entitled to claim PDU credits for many of the sessions at the IT Management Conference.

Registration is now open for attendees and press. Exhibition space at the IT Management Expo can be purchased online at and provides a cost-effective option to reach an audience of business owners, management and other decision makers. There are a limited number of sponsorship options still available; ITMC sponsorship programs have been carefully designed to give organizations the greatest visibility and the highest ROI.About the IT Management Conference

The IT Management Conference ( is a 3-day conference and expo on IT leadership and technology management in Midtown Manhattan (New York, NY) on Oct. 14-16, 2009.

ITMC was designed to create a synergy between all the roles involved in IT management, meshing business leadership with the technical management and catering to executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and managers as well as industry-experts who share a passion for leadership and technology. ITMC was also intended to assist developers and technologists in gaining additional management skills and growing into a leadership role.


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