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Comment: Nothing new here ... (Score 3, Interesting) 292

by jamesl (#48044173) Attached to: 35,000 Walrus Come Ashore In Alaska

Mass haulouts of Pacific walrus and stampede deaths are not new, not due to low ice cover

Large haulouts of walruses -- such as the one making news at Point Lay, Alaska on the Chukchi Sea (and which happened before back in 2009) -- are not a new phenomenon for this region over the last 45 years and thus cannot be due to low sea ice levels. Nor are deaths by stampede within these herds (composed primarily of females and their young) unusual, as a brief search of the literature reveals.

Includes references, links and copies of contemporary reports.

Comment: Reference? (Score 1) 304

This post and the linked article say, "Because of the bug's severity, Microsoft is recommending that anyone who updated go and uninstall a couple of the specific updates, or rollback using Windows Restore."

I note that neither this post nor the linked article reference or link to a specific instruction from Microsoft. Is this a joke?

Comment: Industrial Production? (Score 1) 502

by jamesl (#47610533) Attached to: Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company

And all those great new Tesla batteries will cut the cost of producing steel in electric arc and induction furnaces. And then there's converting bauxite into aluminum.

Cars will be (almost) free. Bridges will be cheap. There will be an airplane in every garage. I can't wait.

Comment: Bury the lede (Score 4, Informative) 107

by jamesl (#47598311) Attached to: NFL Players To Use Tablet Computers During Games

It's really about Xbox. From the linked article ...

Microsoft is getting some free TV advertising by outfitting the tablets with sky-blue cases clearly labeled "Surface." But Microsoft's main motivation is what the Redmond, Wash., company receives from its partnership with the NFL: a reported $400 million, five-year deal. That includes interactive content to help sell Xbox home video game consoles.

[ ... ]

When the regular season starts, Microsoft's Xbox Live network will offer services that include video feeds of game highlights and fantasy football data. Xbox owners will also gain access to NFL Sunday Ticket, the league's package of out-of-market game telecasts that was previously available only to DirecTV satellite service subscribers.

Comment: Not Just Psychology (Score 3, Insightful) 172

by jamesl (#47592655) Attached to: Psychology's Replication Battle

The reasons why are varied, but most come down to the perverse incentives driving research. Scientific journals typically view "positive" findings that announce a novel relationship or support a theoretical claim as more interesting than "negative" findings ...

This applies to all science, not just psychology.

Comment: Not so big (Score 3, Insightful) 85

by jamesl (#47550347) Attached to: World's Largest Amphibious Aircraft Goes Into Production In China

The Martin JRM Mars has more impressive specs ...

General characteristics
o Crew: four (with accommodations for a second relief crew)
o Capacity: 133 troops, or 84 litter patients and 25 attendants
o Payload: 32,000 lb (15,000 kg) of cargo, including up to seven jeeps
o Length: 117 ft 3 in (35.74 m)
o Wingspan: 200 ft 0 in (60.96 m)
o Height: 38 ft 5 in (11.71 m)
o Wing area: 3,686 ft (342.4 mÂ)
o Empty weight: 75,573 lb (34,279 kg)
o Loaded weight: 90,000 lb (40,820 kg)
o Max. takeoff weight: 165,000 lb (74,800 kg)
o Powerplant: 4 x Wright R-3350-24WA Duplex Cyclone 18-cylinder radial engines, 2,500 hp (1,900 kW) each

o Maximum speed: 192 knots (221 mph, 356 km/h)
o Cruise speed: 165 knots (190 mph, 305 km/h)
o Range: 4,300 nautical miles (5,000 mi, 8,000 km)
o Service ceiling: 14,600 ft (4,450 m)

Still at work.

There are running jobs. Why don't you go chase them?