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Comment Re:Aspartame not harmful? (Score 3, Insightful) 630

I'll chime in on the aspartame==migrane bandwagon. I don't use caffeine, but consuming things like crystal lite can trigger migraines for me. I don't have the same problem with sucralose or sugar.

    I have also had the same reaction from accidentally consuming a diet coke (handed to me by my wife to hold and drank absent-mindedly).

Comment Re:Net metering is little more than theft (Score 1) 374

They may not be legally requred, but they have to maintain the grid to service the customers alloted to them by their franchise. My local power company is just finishing a huge upgrade project in my area because of population growth overloading the main feed in the area. We were getting bad voltage drop on days with high loads. Hopefully it will be better this summer. There were days the voltage sagged enough it had trouble starting my AC compressor.

Comment awkward 'year in review' (Score 4, Interesting) 218

Facebook keeps showing me one of those also, for mine they picked a photo I took of a flood at our lake home. Images of our docks under water, tree limbs floating by, with a happy party border. I laugh each time I see it, but I can see not wanting some photos being revived onto my feed.

Comment Beach (Score 2) 264

As someone who lives on a lake I see neighbors buying dumptruck-loads of sand every few years and laugh at them. Peach reservation is all about coutour and slope. My little piece of lakeshore includes a parabola shaped cove around 50' wide at the mouth and 50' deep with a gently sloping floor. I've been there 18 years and haven't had to buy any sand yet, the wave action washes the sand around my shore cleaning it naturally, but the shape of the shore keeps it in the cove, in fact my neighbor to the north bought 30Tons of sand and put it on his shore (that happens to be shaped like a peninsula. My beach gained 3' over the next few years as his sand washed into my cove. Anyone who wants a beach shouldn't be screwing up the shoreline that created and preserved the beach in the first place.

Comment Re:Top two voting steals from the people. (Score 1) 551

The way I look at it is it should be easier to get a 3rd party candidate elected with the California system. During the primary election the bar to get into the top slot should be much lower, there will be multiple Republican and Democratic candidates splitting the lower turnout counts. All you have to do is turn out enough voters to out-vote the second most popular primary candidate. If you can't manage that much what possible chance do you have to win the office in the final election?
      That's assuming that the guff is about having the best chance to get elected and not merely about getting your party's name on the ballot.

Comment Re:Don't wear a watch... (Score 1) 415

Let's compare time checking procedures:
1: phone
      A: pull phone out of pocket/holster/purse...
      B: correct orientation of phone and bring in view of eyes
      C: activate phone
      D: read time

2: Watch
      A: position arm so watch is in view of eyes
      B: read time

    I'll take the watch, when my metawatch died I kept glancing at my arm to see the time.

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