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Comment Nervous about older CIOs (Score 2) 229

Not sure if they can understand that human beings aren't terminators with their learning chips locked. Real programmers can learn anything, and their background can sometimes help make things work.
      Just finished rewriting an interface to some devices and couldn't use the COM interface the vendor recommended to us, so I pulled out the vendor's documentation and used their 'old' C interface. When I said that was the way we went they said they didn't recommnend using that API, when I asked for clarification on why to not use their documented API they stated that they didn't have anyone who could help if we ran into issues as all their support staff only knew the COM interface.

Comment Re:Steve (Score 1) 440

I'll admit the 1541 was slow, but not expensive I only paid $225 for mine and at the time the Disk II was around $400. The real sad part was the slowness was because of the overhead in the serial protocol, you could load replacement firmware into the 1541 and C64 that made the drive as fast as any floppy of the time.

Comment Re:Aspartame not harmful? (Score 3, Insightful) 630

I'll chime in on the aspartame==migrane bandwagon. I don't use caffeine, but consuming things like crystal lite can trigger migraines for me. I don't have the same problem with sucralose or sugar.

    I have also had the same reaction from accidentally consuming a diet coke (handed to me by my wife to hold and drank absent-mindedly).

Comment Re:Net metering is little more than theft (Score 1) 374

They may not be legally requred, but they have to maintain the grid to service the customers alloted to them by their franchise. My local power company is just finishing a huge upgrade project in my area because of population growth overloading the main feed in the area. We were getting bad voltage drop on days with high loads. Hopefully it will be better this summer. There were days the voltage sagged enough it had trouble starting my AC compressor.

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