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Comment: Team VS. Group (Score 1) 522 522

We are so emmersed in top down organization we don't even notice the word team implies leadership and a top down organization. The word to describe the organization we're discussing is groups. The programers work in groups to accomplish their tasks. Group work is very hard but really worth it - I've done it and we were able to accomplish significant things rapidly.

Comment: Solving Problems (Score 1) 309 309

All that matters is, can you solve problems others cannot? Specifically, problems that others are willing to pay to have solved. If your tech school improves your ability, directly or indirectly, it is worth attending. Always concentrate on improving your abilities not on collecting academic credentials. Solving problems makes you face your short comings and overcome them. There is always room at the top and you can get there. The road to the top has some rough patches, most of them are in your attitudes and insecurities. Mastery and elegant code go hand in hand. Good luck to you. I never met you but I have learned over my career you are the only thing holding back your progress to mastery. Find 5 great programmers hang with them work with them and you will sky rocket. Good luck. I can promise you it is worth doing.

Comment: My Coursera Experience (Score 2) 63 63

Eventually a student needs to talk with and be guided by someone adept in the field. All this online stuff is okay but, I don't think you can become an adept through the online education medium. I am half way through my first Coursera course, I have just short of a million points with Kahn Academy, and I have done 14 Euler Project problems. Online is okay but you'll eventually need more. Good luck to you all. Jim

Comment: Self Serving Comments (Score 1) 767 767

The programmers -- you should have above average intelligence, blah, blah, blah. Nobody can define intelligence and nobody can measure it. All you have need is to enjoy thinking like a machine. I enjoy it. I'm okay at programming. Ego is the primary block to personal improvement in programming. Lack of willingness to work with others, see the point of view of others, and to respect others is the primary block to professional progress among programmers. I really respect what programmers do. I spend serious time programming. More often than not programmers are there own worst problem when it comes to personal and professional advancement. Few realize that when a programmer shares code it is intensely personal as it reveals how their individual brain works. What other profession is that personal--none!

Comment: It's not the degree (Score 1) 260 260

School is a decent place to learn some of the precursor skills that might enable you to do advanced things. It is your ability to do very hard problem solving in cross domain groups that will bring you to the next level. An MS, as long as it doesn't require over specialization is okay. Most Phds are not worth it. Just scan the titles of most Phd papers. They have 17 adjectives if even one of those adjectives is missing the paper doesn't apply. God luck feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss this further.

Comment: Math opportunities (Score 1) 416 416

(Much of what you see are math equations solidified.) Chief Economist for Google said statistician would be the sexiest occupation for the next ten years. Check out computational engineering too. Most colleges and Universities have life time placement services. They will be helpful. The sky is the limit.

Comment: Re:Python (Score 1) 530 530

I don't know what you'll be coding but, Python is a great rapid prototyping language. It can interpreted, compiled, and OOP depending on your needs. I'm also a big fan of SAGE. It's a computational environment using many types of open sources great stuff all tied together by Python.

Comment: No safety net (Score 1) 1 1

Yes, the amount of money you will make on a weekly or monthly basis is impressive. BUT, consider life insurance, health insurance, disability income insurance, if they war reaches out and touches you. What happens if your taken hostage? The reason you're paid well is because if something bad happens you're on you're own. Hope this perspective is helpful, jim

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