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Comment Re:To those thinking of buying (Score 1) 142

TrueAudio is an interesting technology IMO. While graphics improved every year the sound is actually worse now than in the XP era. Im kinda optimistic that games will use this technology, since its pretty much the same chip as in PS4. If this was an AMD only technology then i would expect it to be used in as many titles as GPU physx is used in. Pretty much useless. But since its also in PS4 im looking forward to games with better sound.

Comment Re:Looking good so far. (Score 1) 157

Never had any problems with AMD drivers and ive used their cards since radeon 8500le. Ive also had Nvidia cards in my machine and also didnt have any major problems.

Sure sometimes drivers will give you problems but to say that one company has consistently better drivers is nonsense. At the moment i have no problems with my hd7850, hd4870 and even my nvidia ION HTPC system stopped giving me problems after two years of "fun" (HDMI related).

Comment Re:So which graphics card should I get? (Score 2) 108

Only if you are running something like furmark 24/7 for the whole year. Most games will not even remotely stress the card so hard. Your card will mostly be in idle most of the time and in the case of new AMD cards they can even go to deep sleep when not in use and only burn 3W (useful for 24/7 machines such a s mine).

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