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Comment: Rantware? (Score -1) 553

by jaguth (#26758809) Attached to: Phantom OS, the 21st Century OS?
Sounds more like Rantware to me. I love some of the commands in the "Why a new OS" section:

The most obvious questions: why new operating system? Isnâ(TM)t Linux enough? Of course, Linux is not enough. Being a clone of Unix, Linux conceptually is a dinosaur.

Linux, being inspired from the most stable, tried and tested operating system in history - Unix - isn't a bad thing. Hey, it works, right? And it has a GUI too!

Network friendly? No!

Network is an alien in todayâ(TM)s operating systems. Application which needs to use network must do most of the work by itself! Only file access is more or less seamlessly covered by OS so that application can work with remote files like with local ones. Remote object access is still not there (weâ(TM)re in the 21 century, arent we?) â" I mean, modern (huh?) operating systems do not offer such a service, application programmer has to use language-scpecific[SIC] mechanisms, like RMI in Java, or OS tools, but such tools still need programmers support and not portable across even most widely used OSes.

Wow, now they're flexing their muscles. Seriously, any OS isn't going to be an "End-All" to everyone's needs. Theres always going to be different needs, and there always going to be custom network code.

Simple? No.

How many kinds of name to object translation your operating system has among its APIs? One for files. One for network objects. One for drivers. One for devices. One for USB devices. One for fonts. One for link-time program elements (functions, labels, variables). One for users. One for IPC objects. You can give me ten more - just look in your include file directory.

Theyâ(TM)re all different! Why the hell getting object by name is not done in the same way for all of them? What âSystemâ(TM) in âoeOperating Systemâ term stands for? Should we better call them Operating Garbage?

Ahahaha, "Why the hell". Sounds like someone has the case of the Moooondays.

Communication friendly? No!

Todayâ(TM)s world is a world of cooperation. Nobody tries to do everything himself now. Everybody knows, that to be successful you have to do your part of the project well and use otherâ(TM)s solutions where possible. No one writes own display driver today (it was quite common ten years before, by the way), no one wants to solve whatâ(TM)s already solved. Frameworks, libraries, toolkits â" any program uses 10 to 100 times as more of 3rd party code, than has itâ(TM)s own.
Does âoemodernâ operating system help with that?

Oh, and I suppose you can do better job than the leading competitors. Graphics is big business, and non-OS companies are leading (like NVIDIA). If non-OS companies are leading, then how is your OS going to be an "End-All" solution?

Everything sounds like one big rant after another. Rantware anyone?

Comment: Re:thats nice. (Score -1) 130

by jaguth (#26719299) Attached to: Snakelike Robot To Treat Soldiers During Battle
I can seriously see someone abusing this:

Soldier: I'm down, I need medic!
Remote Medic: Ok soldier, calm down, lets have a look
[snake moves around a bit]
RM: Private, i'm going to have to inspect your colon for any hidden terrorists.
Soldier: Wait, What?! Who are
RM: Just relax, we have everything under control *snicker*
Solder: Don't fuck with me! I'm already in a lot of AHHHH ITS RAPING MY ASS!!
RM: The more you relax your muscles the easier this will be *snicker snicker*

Comment: Linux LiveCD (Score 0) 835

by jaguth (#26567373) Attached to: How To Diagnose a Suddenly Slow Windows Computer?
VirtualPC? I think thats a bit overkill for the average windows user. If you do suspect that its a rootkit, try booting your PC with a Linux LiveCD and see how fast it runs. If it runs fine, then chances are you have an invasive rootkit. Then take LinuxGeek's advice and backup your data and reinstall.

Comment: Re:But will it run Crysis?... (Score 1, Funny) 261

by jaguth (#26393257) Attached to: Nvidia 480-Core Graphics Card Approaches 2 Teraflops

Bioshock - Very beautiful and creative environments.
Far Cry 2 - Insanely beautiful - Insanely dynamic environment.
Fallout 3 - Can see miles into the distance.
Left 4 Dead - How many zombies can you fit on the screen?
Gears of War - Pretty...
Starcraft 2 - ....Come on Blizzard, release it already!!!

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