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Comment Knights in Shining Armour? (Score 2) 54 54

Wasn't a suit a bit like this, but infinitely more flexible, invented over 500 years ago? I re-enact medieval battles and the full plate gear that we wear dated 1480 is perfectly firework proof. it's possible to do cartwheels whilst wearing it, too!

Comment Moore's law (Score 2) 151 151

Three years ago in the uk i bought my daughter a dell laptop, i5 processor, 6Gb RAM, 500Gb hard drive, £350. Recently it died, so i looked around for a replacement. listed in the bargain forums here ( only a couple of weeks ago was a laptop i5, 6Gb RAM, 1Tb hard drive, £380. So in three years the price has barely changed for a remarkably simiar spec. Moore's law seems dead? I agree with the original poster!

Comment B.T. Broadband filter (Score 1) 115 115

I live in England, and I set up a new British Telecom Broadband internet account for a work colleague recently, 30 dollars a month 8Mb/s unlimited use. Options for the filter were off, low, medium and high. He said "I have kids, put on the maximum filter option please." Two hours later, I receive a phone call "internet explorer(!) won't let me access Facebook." Yup, the filter on the highest setting blocks Twitter and Facebook. He removed the filter then, without even trying the other choices.

Comment Re:The frick? (Score 1) 238 238

Will they now restore the nuked accounts? Was her account restored later? Maybe they've restored it now.

Have you ever tried to contact Google? If you needed to discuss a problem with your account being shut down you would not find it easy. He got his account back fairly quickly, but he would still have been much better off going nowhere near G+ !

Comment concorde! (Score 1) 722 722

It's possible to fly from london to new york in three hours. In fact, you could do for a span of twenty years or so, before concorde was decomissioned. Just because it's possible, doesn't mean it'll become widely available, or even at all available. Ditto driverless cars. The technology will filter down into ordinary cars as extra safety features to augment the driver's slow reactions. For the foreseeable future, anyway.

Comment Re:murder by numbers (Score 1) 814 814

I had a brief look at the stats - i live in the uk, where pistols are completely illegal to own, and shotgun and rifle possession is rare and heavily regulated. Policemen carry a truncheon! Murder rates in the uk are 1.2(per 100k population per year) Murder rates in the US are 4.7(ditto) Simple?

Comment Re:How is this done? (Score 1) 133 133

changing the DNS doesn't help, the IP address is blocked at ISP level. The usual workaround is to google alternative web addresses that point to the same final IP. for instance :- if "" is blocked by your UK ISP, you'll probably find that "" will get you to the same place and not be blocked. I hope that helps.

Comment Careful Driving! (Score 1) 238 238

MPG depends immensely on driving style, so official figures are never going to be exactly right for everybody. I drive on empty roads in 5th gear at 30mph as much as possible, and my car has a total lifetime average of 71 British mpg(or 59mpg in US gallons) since I bought it 25k miles ago. It's an ordinary 5-seater estate car too, not some whacky-looking smart-car or fiat 500. can anyone do better than that!?

Comment ok so the best replacement...... (Score 2) 329 329

So I can replace iGoogle with netvibes, we've established that. I'd now like to know how to let google know how displeased I am about their decision to cancel iGoogle. Does anyone have a link I can use to rant at google? I looked around google's help pages for a little while, with no success :-(

Comment Re:So what geocache was it? (Score 1) 282 282

all the caches within a few miles radius of wetherby have been temporarily shut down at the request of the police. the cafe owner involved got more advertising than the lost profits from a morning's business would have made. also geocaching as a hobby/sport got some publicity. anyone smell a rat here?

Comment Re:Muggles (Score 1) 282 282

the package had the word "geocache - contents harmless" clearly written on the outside - i saw the pictures in the uk news reports. the website (top hit on google if you search "geocache") contains details including locations of almost every geocache in the world; it's free to access. how much more notification do the police need?

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