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+ - Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication Between Humans Demonstrated->

Submitted by jaeztheangel
jaeztheangel (2644535) writes "The researchers, led by Giulio Ruffini, CEO of Starlab in Barcelona, successfully transmitted the words "hola" and "ciao" in binary code from the brain of a person in India to the brains of three people in France. Electroencephalography (EEG), which monitors electric currents in the brain, was used to record the information from the sender's brain, and robotized transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which causes neurons to fire from an electric current that is generated by a rapidly changing magnetic field, was used to deliver the message to the brains of the receivers in France."
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Comment: Re:Space? (Score 1) 246

by jaeztheangel (#47653289) Attached to: I'd most like to (personally) explore:

I've always been a bit worried about the response time for the stop button at near light speeds. Press the stop button and by the time the circuits have reacted, you're a few thousand light years beyond your target and have to turn around and go back.

Excellent point; if only humanity could invent programming technology BEFORE reaching light-speed.... :-)

Comment: Space? (Score 2) 246

by jaeztheangel (#47643605) Attached to: I'd most like to (personally) explore:
It would be awesome to visit the super-massive black-hole in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, and if done at near light-speed the journey would feel like the blink of an eye. Actually that's not a bad way to travel if you don't mind solitude. A blink, and earth fizzles away but you're in another galaxy... I wonder how many fantastic sites or blinks you could have before the universe ended? Failing any of that the only other place I can visit in the blink of an eye is my own town.

Comment: JAVA EE is not dead. (Score 3, Funny) 371

by jaeztheangel (#47630443) Attached to: Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time
With Lambda expressions in the last release, and the renewed focus on mobile - Java is awesome. For a language which forced Microsoft to up it's game with C#, and with Linux has stormed into taking over most of financial services - it's as least as alive as COBOL. Which - like Sarah Palin - cannot be killed and will not go away. Java has the Colbert of Languages. Wildly successful, despite being in a suit.

"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one which cannot be justified on any other grounds." -- J. Finnegan, USC.