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Comment Re:https://razormind.co.uk can't be accessed ! (Score 1) 2 2

Have you tried accessing the site https://razormind.co.uk/ ?

I simply can't get it from here


seems to be up around the world, but please try the link above. I'm going to pull the story, and try to get it into one paragraph too. All the best. J.

Submission + - Razormind releases world's first Decentralized Desktop 2 2

jaeztheangel writes: Razormind Network, the company behind the Razorcoin digital currency factory, has released a blockchain driven decentralized desktop called DEOS which they believe is 'NSA-Proof' (but only time will tell). Built on a generalization of BitCoin architecture, DEOS indexes volunteered seednetwork resources, and action requests to create computing environments on the fly, encrypting end user data with their own key pair, then with the seednode key pair, and finally a master DEOS key before storing those addresses in a custom built blockchain. It then saves this encrypted data to a git-like versioning system, and distributed IPFS storage.

The proof of work algorithm in BitCoin has been stripped out and replaced with a Proof of Index system, and a measure of network entropy to determine the fastest viable computing environment. Razormind VC of Legal and Compliance Phil Sturgeon says: "We know people want privacy, and security, and most of all reliability. Our hope is DEOS will allow our users to safely import their facebook photos, iTunes music, and important documents to a safe place which no one else, not even DEOS, can spy."

Still in beta, DEOS already contains a fully fledged office suite, and native bitcoin functionality, usable from most mobile and computing platforms. It got mentioned in a recent letstalkbitcoin episode as well. Registration is free.

Submission + - Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication Between Humans Demonstrated->

jaeztheangel writes: The researchers, led by Giulio Ruffini, CEO of Starlab in Barcelona, successfully transmitted the words "hola" and "ciao" in binary code from the brain of a person in India to the brains of three people in France. Electroencephalography (EEG), which monitors electric currents in the brain, was used to record the information from the sender's brain, and robotized transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which causes neurons to fire from an electric current that is generated by a rapidly changing magnetic field, was used to deliver the message to the brains of the receivers in France.
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Comment UK Law has changed. (Score 1) 299 299

Or is very soon about to, he has access to one of the top lawyers in the country (who also happens to date George Clooney) and wouldn't make this announcement if it could be easily repudiated. I guess this is his way of testing the waters, and calling the banners before he sets out...

Comment Re:Space? (Score 1) 246 246

I've always been a bit worried about the response time for the stop button at near light speeds. Press the stop button and by the time the circuits have reacted, you're a few thousand light years beyond your target and have to turn around and go back.

Excellent point; if only humanity could invent programming technology BEFORE reaching light-speed.... :-)

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