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Comment Re:And... it's gone (Score -1) 636


our problem with Cuba was that they were threatening to allow russia to deploy nuclear weapons. sure, we hated them in the first place for specious reasons, but we weren't threatening to melt them into nuclear ash just because they were commies.

US missiles in Turkey, anyone?

Comment Re:Obligatory "This isn't tech news!!!" post... (Score 1) 636

It is tech news if you start babbling away about the possible yield of that missile and the amount of damage it might inflict, and whether it will actually launch at all let alone reach its target, and what countermeasures the US, SK, Japan etc have in place and whether they will be effective against this type of missile, and so on and so forth. Lots of fun to be had, all of it very much tech-related. Not even counting all the fodder for jokes and off-topic remarks.

Comment Re:Great Black Hope (Score 0) 107

One man's social values are another man's misguided "horseshit". Unless you clearly describe the "social values," the expression itself is meaningless. Gay rights activists think gay marriage is a social value, but go and ask a rabid Tea-Partyish Bible thumper from Alabama what he will call it.

Comment Re:Because of what they involved (Score 1) 285

... tied to movies of which we had fond memories (Indiana Jones and Star Wars).

Good times... We had fond memories of IJ and SW in those days, because at the time we only had three SW movies and three IJ movies to remember. Then George Lucas was abducted by the aliens from the fourth IJ movie (or maybe by a horde of Jar Jar Binks clones), and they lobotomized him. Next thing we know: SW prequel trilogy and IJ4.

Comment Re:Who is the core audience for Windows? (Score 1) 290

Then your experience is different from mine. I upgraded to Windows 8, but with the "erase everything and do a clean install from scratch" option activated. Windows 8 Pro installed fast and easy, and all my printer and network configurations were picked up automagically.

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