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Comment: Re:Chrome Dumbed Down (Score 1) 68

by jader3rd (#48147207) Attached to: Google Finds Vulnerability In SSL 3.0 Web Encryption

When practically every user fails to connect to your server, including your own people, you know you have a problem to fix. Creating some work for web site owners in the interest of their own security.

In the real world, when a user updates his browser, and then can't access websites that he could access yesterday, he doesn't plow on a head, knowing that he's forcing some admin to make updates to their webserver, he rolls back the update, and then probably picks a new browser.

Comment: Re:Prove him right some more (Score 1) 263

by jader3rd (#48107131) Attached to: Carl Sagan, as "Mr. X," Extolled Benefits of Marijuana

And what sort of perception is not "a chemical illusion"? Is the feeling you get when you comprehend Cantor's diagonalization proof an illusion? The feeling you get from listening to the music of Bach? The feeling you get when you look up and see a meteor streak by? Everything you experience supervenes on neurochemistry, and a cannabis experience is no less valid on that basis than any other.

I believe that there are new kinds of perceptions which come from data as reflected in nature. The cannabis experience would be less valid because what your conscious is sensing is different than the data that's being sent to your body.

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by jader3rd (#48014561) Attached to: State of Iowa Tells Tesla To Cancel Its Scheduled Test Drives

It represents the people, but in a horrible proportion unlike the house. In what world does that make sense?

The Senate makes sense in this http://www.thisamericanlife.or... world (summary: a city where the majority of the people want to send their children to private school, so they actively sabotage the public school system).

For a law to get passed the majority of people have to agree upon it (the House), and the majority of different kinds of people have to agree upon it (the Senate). So what the Senate does is protect the minority. Ideally there might be some way to repurpose the Senate to be based on race or socio-economic situation, but I don't now how realistic that would be to implement. So the Senate is based on geographic location. Texans are different than Californians which are different than New Jersians, etc. I realize it's not ideal for every possible representation for every "kind" of person, but it is something.

In the first few decades after the American Revolution, there were some bad examples of a 51% majority abusing the 49% minority. So the idea of a bicameral legislation was created to be a forcing function to prevent the current 51% majority from creating abusive laws.

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It is not a government's job to educate its citizens about values that it wants to promote.

I can see that being a good thing. Citizens with experience have a better chance at knowing which values are sustainable and those which are self destructive feel that it's worthwhile to find multiple ways to inform the populace of that experience. So if they want to government to do that they can. But if the idea is to create entertainment to educate the citizens, that entertainment needs to compete with existing entertainment.

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