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Comment Re:depends on how you identify engineer (Score 1) 495

In a lot of these countries, anyone who works with technology or turns a wrench calls himself an engineer. It could be an elevator operator or a guided-missile designer, or anyone in between.

What if you guide missiles by turning wrenches? Is that some sort of super engineer?

Comment Re:Education (Score 1) 495

Engineers spend a lot of time learning math and the sciences and do not get enough liberal arts exposure at all in their educational process. Therefore, you are training a sort of human calculator, who is not well connected with the feelings and hopes of others. On top of that, the frustration of seeing what could be dome as opposed to how little is actually done must frustrate the heck out of engineers.

Given that exposure to liberal arts frustrates the heck out of engineers I don't think that more exposure is a good idea.

Comment Re:The Bigger Problem *is* European law (Score 1) 728

The U.S. has more gun deaths per year but almost all of that is gang violence, who aren't buying guns legally anyway so I'm not sure how you plan to stop them

The idea is if you make it so difficult to legally own a gun that significantly less would be produced. With there being less produced it would be harder for people to even obtain them illegally because they just wouldn't exist to be obtained illegally.

Comment Re:Why is the Left so fiercely defending Islamism? (Score 2) 728

I haven't seen the Left defending Islam. Most of the comments seem to be along the lines of "All religions suck; let's get rid of all of them". Which certainly isn't a defense. Other comments have been along the lines of "Instead of continuing the violence, let's not retaliate and end the cycle." Which doesn't seem to have anything to do with Islam, but is more of a belief they would have in any situation. Can you provide a concrete example?

Comment Does one mature out of over themeing? (Score 1) 267

I remember when I had my first computer all to myself in college, and for about the first two or three years I'd get skins for different music players and whatnot, and spent a lot of time finding every which way I could customize/personalize every program. And now, it's more of a meh. Personally I feel like I "matured" out of the desire to completely overhaul the look of every program. I'm not saying that all personalization is bad, but there can be tasteful lines drawn. Plus, now that I code I'm aware of the potential overhead of a fully customizable system; and a lot of the times it just doesn't feel worth it.

Comment Re:Really? Quicktime? Seriously? (Score 1) 320

Do you really think that many people have gone that long without having to reinstall Windows? That depends on if you count upgrading to the next major version as a reinstall. I know for myself, ever since I got my first Win98 PC, back in 2000, that I've never reinstalled Windows. It's either been OS upgrades, or when I get new hardware, which about once every five years.

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