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Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 246

I'm actually surprised more companies aren't actively wondering just how much Microsoft and others can be controlled by the US government.

It's probably because if you're a big enough player, Microsoft will let you go over any and all of the source code that it has. So if your people can't find an NSA backdoor in the Windows source, your people probably aren't going find one in any other OS's source.

Comment Re:A better use of educational dollars (Score 1) 157

What math concepts are they going to learn in a dumbed-down high school CS class that will help them enough to justify that kind of expense?

Variables and functions. See http://xkcd.com/1050/. It's the one where an ex-student is proud of the fact that in 20 years no one has asked her to solve for 'x'. This comic wouldn't exist if people were actually seeing how they probably actually do use some basic algebra, but they just don't know it. And at least if they saw it very blatantly being used in programming, they could at least understand why it's part of their school curriculum.

Comment Re:A better use of educational dollars (Score 1) 157

it puzzles me why we're talking about spending so much money to teach a skill that most kids aren't going to use in their everyday lives

1. It's becoming a somewhat regular part of the lives of more and more people.

IMO. time spent teaching to code would be better spent on the 3 Rs

2. Once you've mastered aRithmetic, then what? Should students keep doing speed timed multiplication tests in 7-12th grade? Lots of students struggle with math above arithmetic. They could see why arithmetic is useful, but anything above that? Not so much. So by having the students apply math concepts to accomplish something (ie programming), they'll improve in High School level maths.

Comment Depends on the grade (Score 3, Interesting) 157

I don't think that CS should be introduced until 7th grade. But other Slashdot users have mentioned that this drag and drop stuff is useful for the K-6 students. So hey, maybe it does help. Perhaps the drag and drop teaches some abstract logic skills that will help the students become a better thinker instead of a below average code monkey.

Comment I'm Okay with this (Score 1) 106

As someone who supports net neutrality, I'm okay with this. If the agreement is "Pay to have access to our network, plus some internet" that's fine. But the second it would be something like "Pay to have access to our network plus Facebook (or whatever else)" that's not fine. That's against net neutrality.

Comment Re:More like hidden bug introducer (Score 1) 123

It's not even that. The way it looks to me is that if you currently have two statements which are immediately after each other, and now you interject a defer, it'll work. But it's easy to break up how immediately statements follow each other when maintaining code. So one little misstep, and BAM, all of a sudden resources are getting cleaned up unexpectedly.

Comment More like hidden bug introducer (Score 1) 123

That defer keyword looks like the mother of all hidden bugs. If you end up finishing a statement, not in the way you intended, and all of a sudden resources are getting cleaned up before you used them. I'd stay away from that one.

I get introducing repeat to replace do, but at the same time giving do a different meaning than the rest of the languages! There will be no end to confusion over that.

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