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Comment Re:So then the question becomes (Score 1) 440

Who wants a check from Ashely Madison sent to their home or work?

Before this hack, I had never heard of Ashely Madison, and I suspect that many people hadn't heard of it either. Especially when the hack was first made public all of the news sites described what Ashely Madison was. So I would be surprised if that was discouragement.

Comment I think K-12 CS is a good idea (Score 1) 183

I would have loved to have learned CS in K-12. There was so much other stuff that we were taught that felt like it was only there to kill time. Many students struggle with math beyond arithmetic, because they just don't see it possibly being applied to anything. CS lets people see how math can be applied to solve problems.

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 155

The Bing toolbar scraped Google search pages, copying the results verbatim. Just because user's browsers did the scraping rather than Bing servers is fairly irrelevant.

But that's not what's implied by your claim (or sense of righteous anger). I still get the sense that you feel that Bing went out of its way to copy Google search results. When really Bing bar tracked users behavior the same way that Google does. And the user behavior learning had nothing specific to do with Google. It applies to all web pages that the users ever used. If no users of the Bing bar went to, the "copying of Google" couldn't have ever occurred.

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 155

The idea presented implicates that the Bing search engine servers were sending queries to Google search engine servers and storing the results. But that's not what happened, even in the article you linked to. What happened there is that users who had the Bing toolbar, and opted in to have their behavior tracked, did have an influence on the Bing search engine. Given that's the point of the opt in behavior, that's no surprised. And it had nothing to do with Google. The Bing toolbar was looking for situations where a user would enter text into a text box, and then click on a link. It didn't matter whether the text box was from a Google website or another website. The idea is that Bing was trying to learn from users behavior, and perhaps learn a way it could save users steps in the future.

Comment Re:My big hope (Score 1) 321

With each new version, one must spend several extra minutes figuring out where the Double Secret Super Duper Advanced Don't Try This At Home Brutal Power User Steel Cage Death Match Of Dh00m dialog is located, merely to set the PATH.

Whaaaat? Could you provide examples of how to set the PATH variable in the different version of Windows. Because honestly, I've only ever done it one way for last 16 some odd years now.

Comment Re:Why children should NOT be taught to code (Score 1) 131

I wasn't taught programming in school, and really wish that I had been. I want to my children to learn programming. Hopefully the policies of not teaching students can be a policy of the past and we can make the policy of the future to be to teach kids new and interesting subjects.

Comment Re:Privacy in danger (Score 2) 492

Or, more likely, so they can fucking monetize your usage like the greedy self entitled assholes they are.

And I don't just mean Microsoft.

It depends upon the corporation. With Windows they're going to track your usage data to improve the product. Microsoft would be over whelmed by uploading every computers key strokes every day. So each machine is configured to only upload on certain days. Plus every time it's uploaded, the user id, is given a different GUID. Microsoft couldn't track Windows usage data back to a single user if they wanted to. Let alone wrap it up into an advertisable unique user product. They can do this because there's a large enough user base that they a small slice still represents enough people to get how the product is used.

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