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Comment: Maybe CS isn't for you (Score 1) 1086

by jad4 (#40937785) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Many of You Actually Use Math?

I believe that every program that crashes was made by someone who said "I want to stop learning." If you can't handle logical classes like math, Computer Science may not be the correct path for you. So, consider switching to some other field. Perhaps 3D modeling, if you still want to work on games. The world has enough shitty programmers.

Comment: Fitting fortune (Score 2) 164

by jad4 (#37922716) Attached to: Duqu Installer Exploits Windows Kernel Zero Day

I saw this next to the story:

It is important to note that probably no large operating system using current
design technology can withstand a determined and well-coordinated attack,
and that most such documented penetrations have been remarkably easy.
-- B. Hebbard, "A Penetration Analysis of the Michigan Terminal System",
Operating Systems Review, Vol. 14, No. 1, June 1980, pp. 7-20


+ - Dennis Ritchie died->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Dennis Ritchie, co-creator of Unix and the C programming language, died last saturday, according to Rob Pike Google+.
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Comment: wrong solution (Score 1) 711

by jad4 (#29244385) Attached to: Apple Kicks HDD Marketing Debate Into High Gear

So why are RAM sizes still based on powers of 2? Why are disk sectors still a power of 2? Drive manufacturers are hypocrites. Thanks Apple, now files will be "different" sizes depending on what OS someone is using. This doesn't make anything easier, it makes it harder! Now people will have to figure out why the 1GB of pictures their friend sent won't fit in the 1GB of free space they had on their memory card. Mega, Giga, etc, when used with Bytes (not bits per second, which is a rate measurement), are 1024-based. Why is that so hard for people to understand? I just explained it in one sentence! mebi/gibi/etc - these prefixes are retarded. 1000-base units should be called metric MB, metric GB, etc. I mean, we already have ton and metric ton, so why not? "Oh, noes, they've subverted the SI Rules!" - shut up, pansy. I'm the go-to guy for computer issues in my family, and no one has EVER asked me about this. If your parents can figure out facebook, they can certainly figure this out, if they even care. So, Apple, fix this, someone slap the drive manufacturers, and then we can all move on to something that actually matters.

non-xkcd comic of what Apple just did:

Desktops (Apple)

+ - Microsoft Wanted To Drop Mac Office To Hurt Apple

Submitted by Overly Critical Guy
Overly Critical Guy writes: More documents in the Iowa antitrust case have come out. This time, it's revealed that Microsoft considers Mac users its "guinea pigs" for new Office features, and they once considered dropping Mac Office entirely, "as doing so will do a great deal of harm to Apple immediately." This case has become a treasure trove of internal memos describing Microsoft's internal business practices of the last ten years.

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