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Comment: Re:looser pays (Score 1) 153

by jaclu (#32957940) Attached to: Google Spent $100M Defending Viacom Lawsuit

not completely sure, but i believe that in Sweden, the court in the end of the case examines legal costs and only accepts "reasonable" costs, of course that opens up for some levy, but I doubt you would get away with 10M costs in a 10k case. Of course its up to you if you would spend that amount on a case, but you wouldn't get it all back even if you win.

Comment: looser pays (Score 1) 153

by jaclu (#32955180) Attached to: Google Spent $100M Defending Viacom Lawsuit

Whats wrong with the system we have in sweden - looser pays all legal costs.

That way you dont need to counter sue everytime, and even big corps wont take you to court unless they think they'l win

Of course it would hurt if the small guy sues big corp and looses, but thats not different in the us, so I dont think we are worse of in that perspective.

Comment: (Score 1) 865

by jaclu (#31682032) Attached to: James Lovelock Suggests Suspending Democracy To Save the World

The only time a strong world government is remotely possible is in light of foreign invaders. And by foreign, I mean extraterrestrial.

You miss an obvious point. If somebody comes here from another world, they have an distinct technological advantage. If anything history has shown that wars are won by the one having that advantage, so basically there wont be any invasions from space that we expel. - sorry to burst your bubble.

Comment: TeamViewer (Score 1) 454

by jaclu (#30197148) Attached to: Simple, Free Web Remote PC Control?

Their basic client is free and works for win & os x - You can even control one os from the other.

No firewall / router config whatsoever. Ask the other party to go to the teamviewer download page, install and just tell you their id and password - clearly displayed on the screen - and your in.

Can also be set up in advance so you can connect to your own remote workstation.

Only drawback is that it doesnt support linux - but for linux workstations I would prefer NX ( over vnc any day. Also free.

Comment: Re:Oh no! (Score 1) 762

by jaclu (#29800783) Attached to: Car Glass Rules Could Impair Cell, GPS and Radio Signals In CA

Thats basically the same logic people refusing to use safety belts are using.

If you think hard enough you can imagine a scenario where you would be worse of if you were stuck in your safety belt after the initial accident, but for each such scenario, the number of cases where safety belts would save you outnumbers that freak accident by propably 1000 to 1. So generally there will always be random odd border cases, but safety and economics are all about statistics, if something is usefull and makes sense 999 times, the 1000th time must be considered unfortunate but worth the prize, even if that isnt any consolation for the victim in that specific case.

Comment: Re:Audiobooks seems to be the trend (Score 1) 158

by jaclu (#29787691) Attached to: German Book Publishers Cool To E-Book Market

My spelling has always been awfull regardless of language ;)

I see audiobooks as a compliment to paperbacks, when driving / walking it's hard to read, also when doing garden work and similar audio books comes handy, but I still like to read. I guess I spend about half my reading time using audios.

Comment: Audiobooks seems to be the trend (Score 2, Interesting) 158

by jaclu (#29786757) Attached to: German Book Publishers Cool To E-Book Market

Whilst not suitable for reference material, audiobooks seems much more suitable for portable usage. No big screen device to carry arround, and you get to keep your eyes for other purposes - driving, cycling, looking where you are walking etc.

At least in Sweden, the audiobook scene have exploded the last couple of years, many books are released as audios at the same time as the first print hardcovers hit the bookstores.

We even have a few online streaming services for listening to audiobooks directly from the phone/computer without the hazzle of first downloading or copying CD discs to the desired listening device.

Not everybody likes to listen to books, and more odd titles propably wont be recorded, but for the titles available it's quite convenient.

Comment: Re:multiplatform? (Score 1) 263

by jaclu (#29250601) Attached to: Nokia Makes LGPL Version of PyQt

Sorry if my post came out as a whine, wasnt my intention.
Of course anybody could do it in therory, but I'm not that guy.

My intention wasnt to slam the initiative, just a comment that so far its linux only, since that isnt the platform Im using, it just means that I have to wait a while until I can port my stuff to the Maemo platform.

Comment: Re:Free trade? (Score 1) 514

by jaclu (#28777449) Attached to: Chinese Employee Loses iPhone Prototype, Kills Self

Your comment is rather stereotypical for an US perspective, why on on all earth should a US minimum wage be part of an international trade agreement?

With that logic, should there be extra tariffs when US companies tries to compete on markets where there is a functional union system, that makes salaries in those countries higher? You know in most EU countries there actually is such a thing as workers' rights...

Should the US be enforced to actually _have_ a working healthcare system for everybody in order to be allowed to export to any country that has one?

Comment: Local DNS problem? (Score 1) 142

by jaclu (#28467545) Attached to: China Starts/Stops Blocking Google

Why doesn't anybody suggest the obvious first guess, the reporting guy had a local dns problem, either his office or his provider accidentally misconfigured something.

Doesnt have to be this of course but I usually assume that the risk for human errors are larger the lower in the food chain you go, and the redundancies also are fewer, so instead of assuming all of China lost google, why not start by digging and looking around how spread the issue is first?

In 90% of all cases you find the problem in the first or second step if you search bottom up for net issues.

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