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Comment: Re:No, they haven't (Score 1) 378

by jacksinn (#38090478) Attached to: Has Apple Made Programmers Cool?
I'm a very quiet guy and find it hard still to talk with people that I've worked with for weeks. My current office mate has worked with me for a few months and I just recently started talking to him about more than some code details. It just takes me a really long time to warm up to people. I'd probably make people who have to talk miserable too but I live inside my head mostly and take a long time to warm up to people. I absolutely hate small talk and I hate probing at subjects to try to get me to talk. With me, it's just a switch that goes off finally -- or doesn't.

Comment: Ten Year Gen Cycle (Score 1) 386

by jacksinn (#37823020) Attached to: Next-Gen Game Consoles Still Years Off
I know they claimed at launch (PS3, XBOX) that this would be a ten year generation cycle but damn it feels a lot longer than it sounds. I'm happy to not shell out several hundred dollars per console every five or so years but I also don't want to buy the same gen console as my next console when this one dies.

Comment: Re:Her Defense Was Pretty Good Too (Score 1) 699

by jacksinn (#37628032) Attached to: Phelps Clan Tweets Intent To Picket Jobs Funeral Via iPhone
Other than at Baptisms I've actually never heard 'Satan', 'hell' or any derivations thereof brought up at mass. Interesting though - I'm sure there all all kinds of different Catholic upbringings. A lot of this may come from Vatican I and then the last generation to be influenced by Vatican I is the offspring of the Vatican I followers? I don't really know. My child goes to a Catholic school and I haven't encountered this there or at mass. I don't doubt it one bit but I think things have changed. I didn't grow up in any kind of faith upbringing so I can't speak for anything from the past only the present as I see it.

Comment: Re:So when Fios finally come to my town... (Score 1) 133

by jacksinn (#37625980) Attached to: Microsoft To Bring Cable TV To 360
The 360 has ESPN on the Video Marketplace which is free to use. It has some live events and you can follow whichever sports you like e.g. hockey and soccer. A lot of it, however, is mostly clips and archives and not live so there is definitely that downside. We're planning to use an antenna to get over the air 'live' feeds/channels too so if the sport comes on one of the big 4 networks here in town we should be good to go.

Comment: Re:So when Fios finally come to my town... (Score 3, Insightful) 133

by jacksinn (#37625688) Attached to: Microsoft To Bring Cable TV To 360
We recently ditched our DirecTV service we have had for years due to skyrocketing prices, inflexibility, and lack of time or desire to watch enough TV to justify the cost. We've been using the 360 (and PS3, AppleTV) to watch Hulu and Netflix as well as renting some movies and the transition hasn't hurt us one bit. We've talked about it for a couple years I only wish we had done it sooner. It was cool when Red State was available to rent (at $10) before it hit the theaters. I hope this is a continuing trend.

Comment: Re:What? Math for programmers? (Score 1) 466

by jacksinn (#30671440) Attached to: Which Math For Programmers?
I would argue that is the case for basic business programming but once you have to develop for an academic purpose or structure/create complex algorithms, a healthy knowledge of logic and set theory is immensely invaluable. A lot of the programmers I work with here have degrees in areas other than CS (Business, Accounting, Culinary Arts to name a few) and can "program" -- make a website functional and navigable-- but these are also the same people who come to us engineers for advice beyond what amounts to be understanding if/else and some basic looping. So it depends on what type of 'programmer' you want to be. Web Developer or Engineer? Script kiddie or Analyst? Und so weiter.

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