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Comment: Re:Dang! Things were just getting fun (Score 4, Insightful) 756

by jackflap (#29023467) Attached to: Earth's Period of Habitability Is Nearly Over

Man, nuclear energy is bad.

With the privatization of energy companies, nuclear energy is a disaster waiting to happen.

It's a matter of how the core-values of for-profit organisations manifest themselves in the market, which is essentially to maximize profits.

All companies attempting to maximize profits will reduce costs as much as possible. The only way a company is able to reduce their costs as much as possible when dealing with nuclear waste, is to overstep the line and then adjust their cost-cutting techniques so that it borders on that line.

Government regulation won't work, since governments core values are to maximize their own survival, and this is primarily faciliated by aligning themselves with profit-maximizing legislation for for-profit organizations.

You could argue that they don't have to walk the line, and can avoid mistakes, but considering what a wonderful service I'm getting from British Gas right now, I definitely do not want nuclear energy in their "competent" hands.

Comment: Re:What's worse? (Score 0) 445

by jackflap (#23185172) Attached to: Google Turns Over Data on Suspected Pedophiles In Brazil
Nice one, I like it :) Since they're married, then it's okay. Damn, so all this time, the largest demographic of people I thought were actually commiting rape, weren't actually carrying out rape, they were just forcing the other person to have sex with them. Ohhhh..

Women are most likely to be sexually attacked by men they know in some way, most often partners (32%) or acquaintances (22%). Current partners (at the time of the attack) were responsible for 45% of rapes reported

+ - New platform for funding open-source development->

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jackflap writes "A new website that could turn into an exciting community-driven platform for open-source software development has sprung up recently. By bidding any amount they want on open-source projects, community members can use their wallets to vote and fund projects they would like to see realized.

From the website — Cofundos helps to realize bright ideas by providing a platform for their discussion and enrichment and by establishing a process for organizing the contributions and interests of different stakeholders in the ideas."

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+ - UK citizens: Sign this free software petition->

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jackflap writes "An important part of the campaign is making sure our respective governments know that we think it's their obligation to use free software. UK citizens can sign this petition in support of requiring that all publicly funded software projects publish source code under a free license. There are currently 801 signatures. Let's see how many more we can get beforethe July 22 deadline.

Is there one out there for your country? Can you start one? (Source: badvista)"

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