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Comment: Pissed off about ROI (Score 1) 730 730

It pissed me off that every time this subject comes up the only possible topic to discuss is ROI. How come no one ever demands an explanation for investment in a home theater system or an SUV? Why can't someone do it just to help the environment? Or to help pioneer the technology and get the wheels rolling so it becomes more feasible in the future? In my mind one of the reasons that the US is beginning to lag behind other countries is because we are becoming a lowest common denominator/instant gratification society. I realize the article is about this topic, but the piling on about solar never paying for itself is slanted in a way that reads to me that the money would be better spent on cheap calories at Micky D's, (calories/$) and something big to park in your driveway to be admired (the american dream, plus the administration wants you to spend to stimulate the economy so you are being a patriot too). Regards, Jack

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