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Comment: Re:Why didn't they fix it? (Score 3, Insightful) 383

by jackalope (#33006656) Attached to: BSOD Issues On Deepwater Horizon

You've obviously never worked at a Fortune 500 company. The simplest things take weeks, if not months, to requisition. Then add submitting a labor request to have it installed. Add in a helicopter trip to get the tech and the equipment to the rig and you've got massive delays. Seems like they need expedited procedures for life-critical safety systems. (Sorry that was obvious wasn't it).


St. Louis Museum Offers Thrills, Chills, and Lawsuits 140

Posted by samzenpus
from the everything-fun-is-dangerous dept.
theodp writes "Despite the whiff of danger, or perhaps because of it, the WSJ reports that the City Museum is one of St. Louis's most popular attractions. Housed in a 10-story brick building, the City Museum shows none of the restraint or quiet typical of most museums. It boasts a five-story jungle gym with two real-life jets kids can climb on, an enclosed Monster Slide that drops riders the length of three staircases, and a rooftop Ferris wheel. Sure, there are the occasional severed fingers and skull fractures, but museum founder Bob Cassilly contends that it is as safe as it can be without being a bore. 'They [lawyers] are taking the fun out of life,' says Cassilly, adding that 'when you have millions of people do something, something's going to happen no matter what you do.'"

Comment: Re:Who was driving? (Score 1) 114

by jackalope (#30820670) Attached to: A Hyper-Velocity Impact In the Asteroid Belt?

A collision between asteroids? Who wants to bet a woman was driving one of them?

According to this recent article, , they (at least the pregnant or postpartum) have a lot more on their minds than us simple menfolk.

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