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Comment Desperate times require desperate measures. (Score 2, Funny) 392 392

The fiasco of Metro UI is forcing Microsoft to take extreme measures. Windows 8 failed it's main goal to convert Microsoft near monopoly in PC market into mobile dominance.In the process it actually enraged the current customer base which caught Microsoft by surprise, but that is another story. They are trying to repeat the trick that killed Netscape. Free IE bundled with Windows made Netscape irrelevant. I don't believe this will work the same today.Times are different.

Comment I don't think it is a grat idea. (Score 0) 197 197

This will certainly fracture the internet. I can easily imagine other regions of the world not necessarily as friendly to their citizens as it is in Europe creating their own separate networks so few decades from now we will be locked to basically borders of our regions. I would rather put political pressure on US to stop snooping. EU can also easily develop independent cipher standards that do not have NSA backdoor and possibly even introduce email protocols that enforce those standards automatically thus preventing anyone from reading EU emails. That would do way more for the humanity than separating themselves.

Comment Re:No amount of unwanted products will sell (Score 1) 266 266

Microsoft could have attracted more buyers if they would not try to be Apple. They should have priced Surface at almost cost of making them and with some holiday sales even below cost of making them. They also should have chosen to completely open the Metro OS to let any amatour and small programmer to write any application they want without Microsoft store permission. This was precisely what originally won Windows the place it is in the PC market. They should have also left PC OS with a choice os conventional Start menu so the core customers would not be enraged. By closing their OS, pricing it at Apple level and enraging large number of current PC users they ended up at what they deserved - completle failure.

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