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Comment: Jumping to conclusions (Score 1) 509

by ja (#45588443) Attached to: The Brains of Men and Women Are 'Wired Differently'
Different wiring for different sexes does not in itself imply genetic predetermination but might as well be a consequence of differences in what challenges grown ups are likely to present to the child. ... Oh! I see Heidi Johansen-Berg says something to that effect as well in the last paragraph - good!

Comment: Re:GPU is not that useful for audio (Score 1) 157

by ja (#43692813) Attached to: Realtime GPU Audio
Fortunately, you are terrible wrong! :-) On the GPU you can trivially explore the parallelism of multiple identical channel strips or multiple, polyphonic synth voices. The code to do this can almost be copy/pasted from your favorite on-line DSP resource - the difference being that you'll get 32 of each (assuming the function call is warp aware) rather than one.

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