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Comment: Re:Pictures (Score 1) 895

by j14ast (#22521260) Attached to: Child-Suitable Alternatives To Passwords?
7, sure, 14 no. Anyone who tried that shit with me when I was that age, was not only held out of the loop, but what ever measures they took were bypassed. I had physical access and was less than stupid. Mu linux + direct access to the router + mac spoofing = end around what ever you thought you were doing to prevent your kid from browsing porno or meeting a digital Buba. You would do far better just talking to your kids, and realizing that they aren't the stupid fragile things everyone thinks they are. Schools have a excuse, if they say something the parent disagrees with, they can be sued. YOU DONT. TALK TO YOUR FUCKING KIDS.

+ - UK Government rejects copyright term extension-> 1

Submitted by
e6003 writes "The UK Government has responded to a report from the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee which (inter alia) had backed the extension of phonographic performance copyright from its present 50 years. The Government response [PDF document] notes (in response to paragraph 28 on page 15 of the PDF) that the Gowers Report considered the call for a term extension on economic and moral grounds but rejected all the arguments in favour of term extension, as did an EU Commission report. The Response concludes, "Taking account of the findings of these reports, which carefully considered the impact on the economy as a whole, and without further substantive evidence to the contrary, it does not seem appropriate for the Government to press the [European] Commission for action at this stage." Pleasingly, the Response also notes "The Government will undertake a public consultation this Autumn about making an exception to copyright legislation to allow format-shifting for private use." It's technically an infringement of copyright in the UK to rip CDs to your iPod and even the music industry has agreed something needs to be done about this."
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The Courts

German Court Convicts Skype For Breaching GPL 309

Posted by kdawson
from the means-what-it-says dept.
terber writes "A German court has once again upheld the GPLv2 and convicted Skype (based in Luxembourg) of violating the GPL by selling the Linux-based VoIP phone 'SMCWSKP 100' without proper source code access. (Original is in German, link is a Google translation.) Skype later added a flyer to the phones' packaging giving a URL where the sources could be obtained; but the court found this insufficient and in breach of GPL section 3. The plaintiff was once again Netfilter developer Harald Welte, who runs gpl-violations.org. The decision is available in German at www.ifross.de (Google translation here)."

Comment: Re:Hmmmmm (Score 1) 727

by Hiro Antagonist (#15196848) Attached to: The Continuing American Decline in CS
There is no such thing as a ticket to a long-term, stable, happy job. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want to be a doctor in the United States -- you go through ten years of school to spend all your time juggling HMO paperwork, paying for malpractice insurance, and giving people advice to which they never listen.

Oh, and if you screw up majorly, you can kiss all that hard work goodbye. Sure, you're paid well, but that's not the sort of thing I'd want to deal with.

As far as some kid who tinkers being better than a fresh-out-of college grad, you're partially right, until you want him to do something. My general experience with the 'self-educated, don't need no stinkin' college' crowd is that, while they are very bright, they are also very arrogant, and not inclined to do dirty work -- they want to play with the shiny objects, not slog through miles of digital mud.

Before you tar me as jealous, understand that I *am* one of those tinkering kids -- started programming in grade school, have built my own primitive computer from components (transistors, resisters, diodes, plywood, protoboards), and generally love tinkering with technology. I also had the attitude when I graduated high school that college was mostly a waste of time, so I enrolled in community college just to keep my parents happy.

Worked full-time for about five years taking night classes, and you know what I came to realize?

All my 'talent' and 'intelligence' meant jack in the employment world; they don't care that I've got brains -- they want me to use them. I had to learn, in a hurry, that the majority of working in the computer industry consists of dealing with mundane crap.

College definitely helped with that, because there's a lot of mundane crap that you do as an undergrad.

Some people have a great ambition: to build something that will last, at least until they've finished building it.