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Emulation (Games)

Submission Scientists Induce Out-of-Body Experience->

j0ugh writes: "Dr. Henrik Ehrsson at the University College London has induced out-of-body experiences in subjects by giving them goggles containing a video screen for each eye. Each screen was fed images from a separate camera behind the participant. This provided a 3D image of their back. Dr Ehrsson then moved a plastic rod towards a location just below the cameras while the participant's real chest was simultaneously touched in the corresponding position. The participants reported feeling that they were located back where the cameras had been placed, watching a body that belonged to someone else."
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Submission Both Genders Have Same Reasons for Sex->

j0ugh writes: "A survey at the University of Texas has concluded that men and women have sex for similar reasons and the data do not support the idea that men have sex for physical reasons and women have sex for love. Reasons for having sex range from "I wanted to feel closer to God" to "I wanted to give someone an STD""
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Silicon Graphics

Submission Further medical studies on gaming addiction->

j0ugh writes: "The American Medical Association & American Psychiatric Association will be further studying gaming as an addiction. The American Psychiatric Association has the final call on this but the new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual's tentative publication date is not until 2011. For something to be considered a mental disorder it usually has to impare the individual's ability to work or seriously hinder their life in some way."
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