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Comment: Re:You guys are like Vista lovers (Score 1) 550

by iznogud (#34818058) Attached to: Android Passes iPhone In US Market Share

I'm rereading this before posting, and am finding that this part doesn't have enough emphasis. So I'll say it plain: There are Top Ten apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace that have five sales total ever. This is not going to fund a development budget. They've reached 5,000 apps now so the vast majority of developers have to have no buyers at all, and probably less than a dozen downloads too. That is some serious suction.

Do you pulling these numbers straight from your imagination, or you have some source (as far as I can see, there's no any download numbers in Zune marketplace)?. Look at this guy:


He sold 36 copies of his app after a month. I'm looking at top 100 WP7 apps on Bing, can't find his app. Are you sure about that five sales total?

Comment: Re:mobile platform (Score 1) 424

by iznogud (#34638744) Attached to: Why Android Is the New Windows

Sort of like developing for the PC, right? I know, we should all move to vendor-locked consoles.

No, it's not like developing for the PC. Even on weakest PC you can count on some reasonable display resolution. You can lay out your main screen, toolbars and dialogs without much thinking can the user see them entirely, and in 99% cases everything will be fine. Did you ever tried to design your app to look usable and good on all available Android resolutions - 240x320, 320x480, 480x800, whatever resolution Droid uses and now on tablets? Yes, there's some scaling support built into Andriod layouts, but it's not a miracle.

BTW, it's not all unicorns and roses on PC also - did you ever tried to start reasonably complex application on netbook? Even browser is mostly unusable in non-fulscreen mode.

Comment: Re:and a million things to hate about it (Score 1) 384

by iznogud (#27904241) Attached to: Ten Features To Love About Android 1.5

Do not forget that Google's own applications run native, that means your applications is penalized by using inferior interface.

Which Google's application run native? All major applications on Android (Messaging, Dialer, Contacts, Music, etc) are Java applications, and you can get their source code (I'm trying to do some Android programming when I have time, and I learned a lot from Google's applications).

Comment: Re:innovative (Score 1) 771

by iznogud (#25801937) Attached to: Why Developers Are Switching To Macs

Yeah, but it can also drive Apple's 30" display at its full 2560x1600. Can the T500 do that?

Dude, I'm talking about freaking NOTEBOOK. You know, the thing that's always with me and the thing I'm expecting to have decent screen resolution and good DPI. Especially when it costs over $2K.

Don't get me wrong - I don't have that big Apple monitor but geek in me wants that ability. I also want a simple way to connect with Space Shuttle and probably with LHC, but first and foremost - we're talking about overpriced notebook that doesn't even have an option to upgrade very mediocre screen resolution.

Comment: Re:innovative (Score 2, Informative) 771

by iznogud (#25793543) Attached to: Why Developers Are Switching To Macs

once again macs seem to be innovating, the dual gpu thing where you have a low power one for run of the mill 2d stuff and high power one for the apps that need it are a good example (i believe this is appearing in pc laptops as well).

Innovating? You heard about Lenovo Think Pad T500? It was released before Steve did his latest thing, it's uglier than Mac Book (heck, it's uglier than anything on the market) but it's built like a tank, it runs cold, and, surprise, it doesn't have that retarded screen resolution. C'mon, Steve, 1440x900 on 15" box with a price that starts on $2K? You must be kidding.

Intel gets official on Centrino Pro, adds vPro->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Laptops

Things are shaping up nicely for prospective laptop buyers holding out for Santa Rosa systems before they make the plunge. Intel just confirmed that the platform will be making its way into laptops in the second quarter of this year, and clarified that Centrino Pro is only part of the action, not the whole dealio. Intel also has come forward with a welcome feature addition for enterprise types: vPro, which Intel unleashed on the desktop side last year, will be included in Centrino Pro, allowing for remote management and upgrades of systems by IT folks, and improved virtualization. Of course, it'll also involve signing up for a smorgasbord of Intel-only parts, such as the 802.11n MIMO WiFi, but that's just the way Intel rolls.

[Via Laptoping]

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