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Comment: Re:Ultimately business pays for everything... (Score 1) 235

by ixidor (#46433283) Attached to: Facebook To Pay City $200K-a-Year For a Neighborhood Cop
im drunk so pardon the rudeness, but .. off the top of my head, is NC State, Cisco, and Redhat , then the rest of Research triangle. Charlotte is a banking hub plus the international airport. there is an apple data center, Duke energy, plus several major Military installations ... i don't know much about the Dakota's but there is plenty going on here on the coast.

Comment: Re:Shocking news (Score 2) 293

by ixidor (#45581055) Attached to: Supreme Court Declines Case On Making Online Retailers Collect Sales Taxes
cause the store .. is you know .. there in New York. and amazon is like in the cloud man. so yeah you there in a physical store paying sales tax makes sense. order a widget from a website, that has no store physically in NY, has no warehouse in NY, the only time they physically enter NY is by fedex with your widget.

Comment: Re:A costly analysis (Score 1) 233

by ixidor (#45151545) Attached to: Security Researchers Want To Fully Audit Truecrypt
except have you seen any of hearings regading sthe "so-called" charities? Not only did they use the IRS, but the ATF, FBI, any any other agency they could to survail these people. Say what you will about the "tea-party" type non-profits, the way it was handled was just wrong. either shit or get of the pot. They left these people in Limbo for years.

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by ixidor (#44956519) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source CRM/ERP System For a Small Business?
Man Visual Manufacturing is a Beast. the last upgrade we aided with, cost the company somewhere around $4000. This was for a minor point release, not even the quarterly Service pack type release. It has a terrible instal procedure. is not centrally manageable. Compared to E2, night and day.

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