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Comment Re:No Monopoly There... (Score 1) 76

see here is the fallacy. the vast majority of people have 1 or maybe 2 providers where they live. if it is 2 it's usually dsl vs cable. so in all practivle terms for maybe 90% of America only 1 isp serves any given location. yes there are more than 1 providers across the land. and more to the point, the map provided by Time warner/comcast showed they only overlapped service by a very small percentage.

Comment Re:hard to sell a career path these days (Score 2) 68

About the first part, Basically every Nation-State that is in on the game has a better pool to draw from. About your last comment. have you actually tried to Enlist in the last few years? i have, well re-enlist anyway. No one was hiring, i tried them all even Coast Guard. What i got over and over, no one was getting out, they were shining the total numbers, and with the down economy, the recruiters were basically not needed.

Comment Corp's Don't pay taxes... (Score 1) 825

just came here to say ... undergrad macroecon was several years ago. but one of the things i remember him lecturing on was, that companies don't pay tax. sure you can levy a tax on them, but in the end it somehow just gets passed on to the consumer. sure it sounds nice, using big numbers, lets hit up big corp.'s. but it will just raise the cost of goods, and make bigger businesses not want to do business here.

Comment Re:He'll win in a landslide (Score 2) 120

so the same ID that the majority of the population already has, because you already need it for so many things, like: voting driving id to get a job id to buy alcohol id to buy firearms id to verify age for other things etc... costs $10 and a stand in line at the DMV. heck, here you can schedule an appointment. Oh, they cant be bothered to go spend the $10, and spend time at the dmv, for something you might use atleast once a week for the rest of your life... and you want them voting?...

Comment Re:Fucking Hell, Harper needs to go! (Score 1) 122

yes, exactly. in places where the min wages is over the federal, it is almost always because the cost of living is so much. like DC, or San Fransisco. try to find somewhere to stay in DC for less than $900/month, i dare you. or how about this... im hourly, $18/hr, about 36-38 hours per week. now take out taxes (i usually figure it at about 25% for all of it), child support $440/mo, and the company health plan im forced to get ( due to custody and paperwork from the state) at $220/mo, im left with what someone making $10/hour would get. conversely, it costs me more than minimum wage in my area just to cover taxes, child support and health insurance for my son. Don't leave much left over.

Comment cooling (Score 1) 202

you have 3 types of cooling all 3 present different problems. -passive cooling. typical of embedded and low poer, pretty much precludes your fancy GPU. -active, usually fans. suck air in, breath hot out. obvious any rain or spray would get sucked in to, and damage the insides. -liquid cooling. would essentially seal your gear in, and prevent water damage, but is unlikely to fit in your space constraints. so either figure out how to live without the GPU, or see if you can get a small enough container for your oil ( still will have to worry about the pump and radiator parts but that can be made water - resistant). or have the number crunching done remotely, and just live with a raspberry pi encased in something.

Comment Re:Telsa's lobbiest crashes (Score 1) 294

And if they had just one, or maybe even no warranty repair facilities ( not a dealership cause sell direct) in your state? would you be willing to drive 400 miles just to get a part changed/fixed under warranty? But i digress, selling the car, and getting it fixed are 2 separate things. they should be allowed to sell direct, so many examples both ways of direct/dealerships there seems to be no clear cut line. thinking about expensive things, most things have repair close by, notable exemption, computers. i would hate to think of shipping off a tesla to a repair depot.

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