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Growing A House From Meat 133

Posted by samzenpus
from the delicious-future dept.
baosol writes "From the boundary-pushing team of archi-visionaries who brought us the fabulous Fab Tree Hab comes a new (and somewhat disgusting) way to grow a structure — using animal flesh! The In Vitro Meat Habitat is a futuristic concept home composed of meat cells grown in a lab. The creator of the concept, Mitchell Joachim, is a futurist with a twist– he says he is actually developing the concept in a lab."

Comment: Re:Sounds good to me (Score 2, Interesting) 757

by iwulinux (#29783189) Attached to: The US's Reverse Brain Drain

>>subsidized higher education is the best investment we can make for ourselves

Just be careful to avoid the situation I see in the Netherlands, where those who are considered "gifted" enough to get into a University program (as opposed to a technical or vocational school) are basically SOL if they don't get a Master's degree. I call it educational inflation: when all of your peers have an MA, you need an MA just to get your foot in the door for a normal job, and an MPhil/PhD to get a really good job.

Comment: Shouldn't be a problem (Score 1) 533

by iwulinux (#28651365) Attached to: Getting a Classic PC Working After 25 Years?

>>Has anyone tried to resurrect a PC this old before?

I'm currently resurrecting a 1971 DEC PDP-8 minicomputer, and I'm not the first one to do so. This is after years of bringing back old micros from the brink of doom. So yes, unequivocally, you *can* restore a system of this age. Even the same standards are still in use!

Comment: Coming next: milk tax! (Score 1) 187

by iwulinux (#28445793) Attached to: Dutch Gov. Wants To Tax Online Media To Fund Print

I should go complain that nobody wants to pay me to hand-deliver milk in glass bottles door-to-door anymore, and see if I can get them to tax milk and give me the proceeds!

Of course, this is functionally the same as the blank CD/DVD "anti-piracy" levy: government intervening to prop up an outdated, failing business model with tax money, rather than letting it die and allowing evolution to take its natural course.

Comment: My experience: disappointing. (Score 1) 384

by iwulinux (#28018209) Attached to: Where Are the High-Res Head-Mounted Displays?

I've blown more money than I care to imagine on HMDs over the years, including two Virtual-IO i-glasses (one composite-in video rez with clear optics, one VGA-in 800x600 wiht opaque optics) and some offbrand visor thing, composite, plastic lenses, gak, as well. My favorite was the first one, because you could get a nice video image floating in space in front of you as you walked down the sidewalk. Overall tho I think they're disappointing, and moreover heavy, straining on the eyes and neck, and especially the ones that sit on the nose tend to give me that weird sensation like you get when someone puts their finger between your eyes and close to your nose. I say, save your money and buy a nice CAVE and a big stack of (super-cheap now!) SGI Onyx2 IR2 boxes to run it off.

Comment: Surveillance considerations? (Score 2, Interesting) 114

by iwulinux (#27985827) Attached to: UK Researches Future 10Gbps Broadband Technology

Isn't 10Gb internet access going to further increase the technical requirements for implementing the kinds of surveillance and recording systems the UK government wants? If you think that the associated complexity and costs of their current & proposed systems are extreme already, just imagine if everyone's access were to get 5000x faster!

Maybe they'll have to give it up. I suppose we can only hope!

Comment: Re:Looking forward to Windows 8 (Score 1) 1127

by iwulinux (#26884645) Attached to: Draconian DRM Revealed In Windows 7

Going by all the positive press Win7 is getting, and the fact that XP is getting rather long in the tooth, I reckon Microsoft can probably lump whatever crap they want into 7 as long as it has a shiny, snappy UI and decent driver compatibility, and people will buy machines with it installed and love the taste of the Kool-Aid. Welcome to the future: looks like it's gonna suck.

Comment: Re:Obama (Score 1, Informative) 842

by iwulinux (#26784857) Attached to: Average User Only Runs 2 Apps, So Microsoft Will Charge For More

A fascinating read sir.. sadly I am confused as to the relation this has to windows 7.

BTw I am going to put your entry on my blog.
Who should a credit?

Charles Krauthammer, in The Washington Post, Feb 6 2009

It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Rare "Apple Prototype" Pizzamac LC on eBay->

Submitted by iwulinux
iwulinux (655433) writes "I've got an autobot setup on eBay to scour the listings for the word "prototype" and alert me daily. Today, I was greeted by this gem. With the byline "From the rarely seen cesspool of Apple design!" comes this Rare Pizzamac LC prototype from Apple, complete with all the ports you'd ever need, and some very intriguing chips under the hood."
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