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Comment: Re:True but not necessarily a bad thing (Score 1) 274

by ivanwyc (#32868266) Attached to: China Says US Uses Facebook To Spread Political Unrest
You made yourself sounds funny. Of course I know Chinese History. I am a Chinese and have been studying modern Chinese history for half of my life. Please give evidence why Mao was sidelined by the government. Mao was King of the country, every Chinese knows that. "Chairman" was just a term borrowed from the western world. It is simply wrong that the Chinese Communist Party avoids unrest because "people died" or "great things destroyed", they don't give a shit. They actually love to manipulate social unrest. If you know how to read Chinese read more Chinese books. Some politicians from Chong Qing even want to bring back many ideas from Culture Revolution, they do love it. Give evidence. Don't just BS.

Comment: Re:True but not necessarily a bad thing (Score 1) 274

by ivanwyc (#32865858) Attached to: China Says US Uses Facebook To Spread Political Unrest

It's worth mentioning that the Chinese have had the worst social unrest since perhaps the French revolution. The cultural revolution was a populist movement, pushed along by one man who had been sidelined in the government. Lots of people died, lots of great things were destroyed. Given that, it is kind of understandable that the Chinese are wary of avoiding popular unrest.

Please don't pretend you understand China. Cultural revolution was pushed by Mao, the Chairman of PRC who had never been sidelined by the government. The Communist Party manipulated unrest to get the whole country, and to further strengthen their administration they need to make sure all unrests are well under their control. Very often they plan and make use of "social" unrest to attack their enemies like the US and Japan.

Comment: Re:Bullshit. (Score 2, Interesting) 533

by ivanwyc (#31455748) Attached to: China Warns Google To Obey Or Leave
Not really. Most young educated Chinese aren't aware of how many people were killed in the past. Textbooks tell you nothing. Most teachers (who wants to keep their jobs) tell you nothing. Many teenagers don't even know what's 6/4 - go grab 10 young guys in cities like Shen Zhen asking them what's 6/4, I am sure you will be very depressed. Even people in the more civilized city Hong Kong don't know how many people are killed during the Cultural Revolution, they don't even have a rough idea. I know only because I read so many books about modern Chinese history but when I try to tell my friends about these facts, they don't give a shit. Guess what, the Chinese education system is very successful at making people cold blood about history. Many people think it's silly to know about all these things - the only thing they care is how many years they have to work until they can buy the expensive yet small apartment, they think this is the only thing they born to do.

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