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Comment Re: Sounds too good to be true (Score 2) 162

The first gasoline cars were reserved for rich people too. Their range was limited and there was poor infrastructure to support them. Over time that changed. Apple is very good at commoditizing quality products; don't count them out until we've seen what they built. Oil will run out or become prohibitively expensive to extract. I, for one, am glad that someone is working on the problem.

Comment Re:Not as simple as teaching how to ... (Score 2) 328

One time I was falsely accused of a crime (I really didn't commit the actual CRIME, but it was legally dubious) and I arranged with my council to take a private polygraph during the investigation to present to the detective. I can tell you as a regular, untrained citizen, that the polygraph test was accurate, at least in my case. It really could detect when I was telling a lie and telling the truth. It even knew if I was hesitant to tell the truth. At the end of the polygraph, the examiner asked me "Which question were you really unsure about when you answered?" I told him the question that I wasn't sure about and sure enough, it matched his results. Just my experience; I thought it was super interesting.

Comment Re: Yeah, right... (Score 3, Interesting) 459

Because he doesn't believe there's systemic racism he's a troll? Most middle and upper middle class (read: educated) white folks really aren't racist at all. At this point, maybe blacks are still looking for excuses why they can't broadly succeed. As an employer, I try to hire the most qualified candidate whenever possible, but also the best cultural fit. Often times, black dudes are the coolest, funnest, nicest people you can hire and are far less political and catty than their white counterparts. In my experience, they don't fan flames or get in office politics or tell on people or try to strategically fuck their coworkers just to get a minor advantage. Just my opinion.

Comment Re:NSA security policies (Score 1, Flamebait) 464

I'm not a Windows fanboy or anything (Full disclosure: I use it my media center and gaming PC, everything else is Mac (laptop and desktop), BSD (NAS box, FreeNAS and pfSense at my house) and Linux (my web hosting and ssh access to my house without exposing a PC with a bunch of data on it to the open Internet). That said, other than blind allegiance to FOSS, there is little indication that with regular updates and proper policies and procedures that later versions of Windows Server (2008, 2008 R2, 2012) are somehow defective by design or less secure than their OSS alternatives. Granted, we can't see the source code WHICH IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. However, I've used it plenty in the enterprise and it's just fine. In fact, our Linux boxes were targeted and successfully rooted (remote attacks) in my mixed-tenant datacenter more frequently than the Windows boxes, hands down. In fact I can't recall a single remote Windows attack post-2008. Lots and lots and lots of wordpress/apache/LAMP etc. exploits however.

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