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Comment Re:Men In Black Playstation... The Horror... (Score 1) 204

OK, quick poll: Did nobody get the joke I intended or was it, indeed, not a joke?
I was referring to the ambiguous term "lead" meaning not only "leading" but also the (sometimes toxic) chemical element lead, latin "plumbum".
I'm not a native english speaker, so maybe it's not funny at all, but "troll"?

Comment Re:Purity (Score 1) 135

It's not mandatory to drink it like that. :)
But I actually like it. In summer, during the day, it is much more refreshing to drink Alster (thats what we call Radler in the north of Germany, same thing).

In sweden you are not allowed to sell anything with more than 3% alc in normal stores. Instead they sell some kind of light beer with 2.5% of alcohol. I always wondered why they didn't sell Alster, which (believe me) is much better. :)

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