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Comment Re:Interesting; likely more limited than advertise (Score 1) 82

There are way more Kickstarter failures than successes and seeing that this is one of the more ambitious projects, it is very unlikely to actually deliver anything close to what was promised.

Here is another analysis of the product by a analytical scientist.-


Comment Re:Original M3800 Model Linux User Here (Score 1) 133

The XPS 15 9530 (which is the same base hardware as the M3800) is probably the closest you can get to a perfect Linux laptop at the moment. Everything is working in Fedora and no 'tweaks' are needed to make things work (like APCI for the keys).

Comment Re:Original M3800 Model Linux User Here (Score 1) 133

Bumblebee is straightforward to set-up when using the packages for Fedora. I have been using bumblebee on different laptops for the past 3 years now, the latest one being the XPS 15 9530 which is the same as the original M3800 (with a GeForce instead of a Quadro).

Comment Re:For disasters (Score 1) 85

Your post is insightful, but I have to disagree on your main point. HK politics is not about saving face. If it was, then CY would have been ousted long ago. HK leaders are propped up by Beijing, irrespective of the feeling of locals. There is no need to save face as their political reputation is not where they derive power from (unlike the politics inside the CPC).

My point is that the demands of the protesters, which will inevitably lead to Beijing losing face if they gave in, is the result of the different culture in Hong Kong. They are forcing China's leaders into a reality they are not comfortable with and what will happen is anybody's guess.

Just because that HKers by and large accept that sovereignty rests with Beijing doesn't mean that HKers respect the legitimacy of the government there. You said that it's not something they can do anything about, but this protest is in reality a direct challenge to Beijing - CY Leung is just a proxy!

Comment Re:For disasters (Score 1) 85

The next step will be the protesters blocking the government from functioning by blocking entrances to government buildings and facilities. The HK government will be partially paralysed and this will be the real test. CY Leung has already lost control of the situation and the narrative is definitely on the protesters side right now.

I have a feeling that this will end with the intervention of Beijing one way or another, which is what Bj is trying desperately to avoid. There is no scenario for the central government to get involved which will not damage them in some way. The fact that Mainland politics is really old-fashioned and based heavily on "saving face" compounds the difficulty. From the protesters point of view though, it is not their problem - A political apparatus that isn't flexible or modern is a fault of China, not Hong Kong. I think it is an excellent test for Beijing on how to deal with an educated, engaged and motivated populace that doesn't see any reason to respect its legitimacy, because it's not going to be the last time they need to deal with it, isn't it?

Comment Re:For disasters (Score 1) 85

A part of the problem is that the executive and other political appointees in power in HK is very much geared towards the appeasement of Beijing and will not confront them on the behalf of the people of HK.

The communist party has indicated that they will not take back a decree on the Chief Exec election (basically rigging and interference from Beijing on the nomination process, so you get to vote for a choice of 3 different puppets). That just shows how arrogant these politicians are in Beijing - and yet they accuse the students of not compromising.

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