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Comment Re:Be insainly great. (Score 1) 428

That's the strange thing. I went thru her history, which wasn't too hard since there wasn't much history to look at after less than 24 hours. She'd basically been on the normal teen websites - Facebook, Instagram, etc. I couldn't find any obviously sketchy websites. I did download Ubuntu to her drive. If she has more trouble I'm just going to walk her thru installing a non-toy-OS onto her machine.

Comment Re:Apple is overdue (Score 1) 428

That's a good question. What are we missing? I can remember many many years ago dreaming of the day when I could carry a computer in my pocket. The iPad is basically the same as the iPhone but with a bigger screen, which is nice under the right circumstances. Going in the other direction, smaller, you have the iWatch which I think has been shown to just be too small to be able to do anything useful with it. So, they basically have all computer form-factors/sizes from 1.5" up to ... I suppose there is no upper limit as long as it has hdmi input from a mac. I guess I just don't think outside the box enough to imagine what I'm missing from my life that Apple needs to come up with. I really wish they'd spend their billions of dollars on things like longer battery life.

Comment Re:Be insainly great. (Score 1) 428

I haven't used a Windows machine in years, but recently I purchased a new HP laptop for my daughter going off to college. I added it to our home wifi and within 24 hours it was chock full of malware. I was aghast. This it the same network that I've had my macs on for years. The laptop was running Windows 10 with all updates installed. There was a virus checker program installed and running. We were using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer (or maybe it was Edge, I don't remember). Anyway, I was able to get the machine cleaned up and locked down, but how in the world do normal people, who don't have technological expertise, use Windows?

Comment Re:At a customer's site (Score 1) 320

I don't know. I was an adult with a full-time job by the time of September 11 and we spent the whole day crowded around a computer at work. Just like when I was in middle school we spent the day crowded around the tv in the library during the Challenger disaster. I'm fairly certain they had TV when JFK was killed (I jest! kinda) and I imagine people crowded around TVs then as well, though maybe not. Perhaps TVs weren't prevalent enough back then.

Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 1) 320

"my generation's JFK"
I've never thought of it like that, but I think that is insightful. I was born after JFK and his assassination doesn't have much more meaning for me than the assassination of Caligula. But the Challenger disaster... it's as poignant for me as September 11. And I imagine baby boomers would say the JFK assassination was a poignant for them. I know my Mom has talked about where she was when she found out JFK was killed (high school).

Comment Re:Are they planning to buy an A/C company? (Score 1) 63

What about the NorthWest? Plenty of water, cheap electricity from all the dams, there is some risk from earthquakes and volcanoes, but the risk goes down if they build east of the cascades where there is lots of sunshine (for solar power) and lots of cheap land.

I would think it would be much less risky than dealing with tornadoes in the flyover states.

Comment Re:History (Score 1) 311

I think the one thing you are missing is a lot of the non-California western states would join together before joining with California. There is a log of antipathy regarding California in the West (mostly from Californians leaving California to other states and causing a rise in housing prices). I know I personally would rather belong to Canada than California.

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