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On the one hand it would be wonderful if there were no sweatshops. On the other hand, they do provide a job for people. I remember a number of years ago Nike had a factory in Honduras (if I remember correctly). A bunch of privileged American college-age people went down there and raised such a fuss that Nike was forced to close the factory and relocate the work elsewhere. The smug Americans celebrated their mission accomplished and moved on to their next cause. Later someone went back to Honduras and followed up with the former workers to see what had happened to them. The majority of the workers had been women and the vast majority of them had turned to prostitution after they lost their jobs. They, of course, were not happy with what the Americans had done to them.

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I copy the pictures/videos from our phones/cameras/etc. to a drive at home. I then use a portable drive to take them to another location. At the other location I transfer them to an external hard drive (I keep everything in folders by year/month/event such as 1995/August/Yellowstone). Every night this drive is backed up using Carbon Copy Clone to another drive. This drive is also backed up to a third drive with Time Machine. The drive is also backed up to CrashPlan each day. I also sort out the best pictures from each month to a fourth drive which is backed up to MediaFire. So, in the end most of our photos/videos end up on about seven drives in four separate locations. Most of it happens automatically. Currently I have nearly 1TB of data backed up in this manner. My next step is to start burning Blu-Rays and putting the backups into a safety deposit box.

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You are describing a trade school. Colleges/Universities are about a lot more than training job skills. I see computer science being about theory. Go to college if you want to study theory. I see software engineering being about practical work skills. Go to a trade school/boot camp/etc if you want to study practical job skills.

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I've found that people who have always used IE are set in their ways and naturally distrust Firefox or Chrome. My father-in-law has always used IE and was having trouble with it. I got him to install Firefox and try it, but I could tell he totally didn't trust it and I have no doubt that he is still using IE.

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I agree. I've found that the highest math I've needed is high-school algebra 1. Frankly just basic knowledge of arithmetic is all I've needed 99% of the time. Now I can see if I was doing programming for games, financial institutions, etc. then Calc/Stats/etc. would be invaluable. But as a business web app programmer? Not so much. So it really depends on what field you are programming in.

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I think that is is wishful thinking in your narrow-worldview. I have one uncle that is a tenured professor of physics (though he also has a PHD in chemistry) at a major university and is openly religious. He spoke at the funeral of my grandfather and nobody who heard him speak would think he was atheist. I have another uncle that is a top research scientist a Fortune 100 company. Likewise he is a believing scientist. I have other relatives that are doctors, engineers, etc that likewise are religious.

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This is so true. I have a coworker who is currently working on her masters in communication. She tells hilarious stories about the teachers and fellow students who have never actually worked outside of an academic environment and their concept of what it is like to work in a business environment. They have these ideas about how they can bring up theoretical constructs in business meetings and that these contributions will be greatly received. When they turn to my coworker for confirmation and she tells them that it will never go over in the real world they flat out don't believe her.

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There are four books I currently have on hold from the library. Some of them I am something like 145th in line. It will be many months, at least, before it is my turn for most of the books. But I'm willing to wait that long to borrow them from the library rather than buy them (in digital or analog format). But, if they were available for .99 right now I would buy all four in a heartbeat. I might even buy two of them at 1.99. But, at least for me, anything above that will see me waiting for them to come in at the library.

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