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Comment Do I get more money if I'm called an engineer? (Score 1) 568

I call myself a developer, but my job title is Senior Application Engineer. That comes from HR who, in their infinite wisdom, decided it was the correct way to description. I've basically been doing the exact same job for 14 years (in the same company) and in that time I've been called a Web Developer, an Application Architect, and a Senior Application Engineer. The job duties haven't changed, but each change in title gave me a raise so I don't really care what they call me.

Comment Re:He's an Idiot. (Score 3, Insightful) 123

Yes, it's other peoples servers, but there is more to it than that. We used to host physical servers at a data center. It was a huge PITA to get new servers provisioned. Moving to virtual servers on other people's servers (aka, the cloud) has been the greatest thing ever for us. Could we host the virtual servers locally? Sure. Do we want to? No. So for me the cloud is not defined by just being someone else's servers, but virtual servers running on some else's servers. It simplifies so much that we would never go back to physical servers or hosting our own virtual servers unless (probably until) some massive problem happens.

Comment Re:Price tags are the greatest innovation of retai (Score 1) 439

I was buying a used car from a dealer a number of years ago. I told them how much I wanted to pay (low balling) and they balked. They first showed me a printout of how much the car was worth. That was great until I pointed out that their printout was for the model of the car that was 4 years newer than what I was looking to buy. Whoops. Eventually I got tired of their insane sales tactics and said never mind and got up and started walking away. I was serious about leaving but they flipped out and within a few minutes we had a deal that I was happy with. That was my first time trying that tactic and I was amazed at how well it worked. The ability to walk away really is important.

Comment Re: Handwavium (Score 2) 274

"or just as likely, there is some sort of barrier to intelligent civilizations being able to launch such an effort like colonization or robotic exploration." That barrier is called "politicians". You could also include the rest of the non-intelligent members of civilizations, but mostly politicians. Since robotic explorers haven't reached our solar system, this is merely proof that politicians are universal.

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