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Comment: Doppelganger (Score 1) 90

by irrational_design (#49293149) Attached to: Google: Our New System For Recognizing Faces Is the Best
I so frequently see people who remind me of someone else. Similar facial features/hair/skin coloring/etc. It would be interesting to have it run thru millions of faces and group them by similarity to see if there is a sort of finite number of different face "types". Also, it would be fun to give it a photo of my face and find my doppelgangers.

Comment: Re:Is this a Bears Sh1t in the Woods story? (Score 2) 119

by irrational_design (#49227091) Attached to: CIA Tried To Crack Security of Apple Devices
How old are you? If you seriously think that the state of the USA now and the state of the USSR then are in any way analogous makes me think you can't be very old. And, the fact that you called it Russia and not the USSR makes me doubly think you are a young one. Were you even born when the Berlin Wall came down?

Comment: Re:Non Story (Score 1) 163

I'm trying to figure out what part you are surprised at. That the mormons are interested in genealogy? No surprise there. That DNA is being used for genealogy purposes? No surprise there. That Ancestry.com, a genealogy company that has a history of buying up other genealogy companies, would want to get into the genealogy DNA business thru an acquisition? No surprise there. The only thing I can think of that would surprise you is that people were willing to pay somewhere around $100 to a non-profit to have their DNA sequenced to learn more about their probable ancestry. I don't need to pay anyone $100 for that. I can just look at my skin color and get a pretty good idea of what part of the world my ancestors came from.

Comment: Re:The Clintons (Score 2) 315

by irrational_design (#49225615) Attached to: Clinton's Private Email System Gets a Security "F" Rating
Before Obama I thought anyone who didn't have the name of Bush or Clinton would be a good choice (dynasty issues). Apparently it is not enough to elect someone with a different last name than Bush or Clinton. The only sensible choice is to elect someone without a last name. Which one of these would you vote for? President Gaga. President Madonna. President the Artist formerly known as Prince. President Xzibit. President [Your Choice].

Comment: Tell her about yourself (Score 1) 698

Other than advice, why don't you tell her about yourself? What are your memories growing up? How did you and your wife meet (you wife can tell her, but you will have a different side of the story)? What do you remember about the day she was born? What memories stand out from when she was growing up? What are your happiest memories? What are things you are glad you did? Etc. Even if she doesn't appreciate them, your potential future grand-children might.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.