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Comment Re:Methamphetamines age you prematurely. (Score 1) 285 285

So far it's great. The older kids help care for the younger kids. We have built in baby sitters. They always have friends to play with. The household chores get spread out ("Many hands make light work"). And, people assume if it costs X to raise 1 child then it must cost X*n (n=7 in our case) to raise more than one child. But that simply isn't true. Toys, clothes, etc. get handed down and recycled. If you make your own meals instead of eating out then it doesn't require that much more food to feed 9 than say 4 (the young ones eat less, often times some of them will be picky eaters, etc.). Plus when it's game night we have plenty of people to compete against ;-)

Comment Re:Methamphetamines age you prematurely. (Score 2) 285 285

An opposite anecdote. My wife and I have 7 children, and people are always commenting on how young we look (most say we look about 10 years younger than we are) and are shocked when they find out we have any children, much less 7. Of course, other than the children themselves we don't have too much stress. I have a fantastic well paying job, we have great health insurance, we have little to no debt, we live in a great community in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, etc.

Comment Re:Who the fuck would use something like that? (Score 1) 206 206

That's great advice. Except I have 6 computers in three locations that I use on a daily basis. Putting it on a stick doesn't really work since I'm really good at losing things. Before using an online password manager I used the same 7 character password for everything. Now my password manager has 100s of passwords, allof which are unique and most of which are 30+ characters long. I really don't know what I would do without it.

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