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+ - Bill Clinton Wants Incentives for R&D-> 1

Submitted by irockash
irockash writes: In an extended interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, former president Bill Clinton discusses his new book, which has specific ideas for helping the economy. Among the talking points are doing away with certain deductions, but creating a fund for research and development, to bring high end manufacturing jobs back to the states.
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+ - "The Dark Tower" Film faces death by Universal->

Submitted by irockash
irockash writes: As of July, the film and T.V. adaptations of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series has been turned down by Universal, citing costs. "That the project was too costly, too big a risk, and not something they felt comfortable moving forward on, according to sources close to the project." But King has hope that Ron Howard is "very committed to the project.”
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+ - Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch Supports 24 Players->

Submitted by Calidreth
Calidreth writes: DICE’s upcoming first person shooter game Battlefield 3 has been grabbing a lot of attention and tons of headlines. The game is set to be one of the best military shooters of the year and will feature a ton of new modes and features. One of these new modes is the Team Deathmatch mode which DICE has confirmed will be limited to 24 players on all platforms. Check out the news below.
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Comment: High school was my peak (Score 1) 309

by irockash (#36554798) Attached to: If I could revisit / re-run a chunk of my schooling:
I used to be motivated until about sophomore year of high school. Can't remember what it was; maybe the challenge finally caught up to me and I became lazy, or Pac Man on my TI-83. But I realized not too long ago that's where it started, and explains why I keep slacking off in college. Considering just skipping it and getting some certifications (since I really don't have any IT experience).

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