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Comment Re: Ridiculous (Score 2) 132

Google could require that manufactures subscribe to some sort of security update model as a requirement before using android software. By not doing this, Google is opening itself up to tremendous liability should something bad ever happen. You may not think so, but some jury someday may think differently. I know of what I speak, though I would prefer not to give full disclosure.

Comment We knew this in the 1970s (Score 5, Informative) 328

Studies more than 40 years old have always consistently shown this, including one I read as a young boy long ago, that showed professional race drivers after mild marijuana intoxication had IMPROVED lap times, though this edge dropped off at higher intoxication levels. Trying to point stuff like this out over the decades had jerkwads accusing me of the most awful things. Whatever I just don't care anymore. Marijuana being illegal while alcohol is not is insanity by definition, but most people are dumb animals and our world is run by sociopaths and there's nothing I can do about it.

Comment Re:Speeding not always an issue (Score 1) 335

Correct. Speed limits only increase congestion by increasing the time each car spends taking up space on the roadway. Speed limits, and the resulting congestion, kills people. Decreasing speed limits typically result in more deaths on the road and this has been shown time and time again.

Advocating for speed limits is advocating for more more people dead on the roadway.

I wish the "oooo scary!" people would put their fear of driving aside for a minute and look at the data. So many people have died because of speed limits. I wish the people who want slower speeds because of "Ooooo scary!!! I'm scared!!!" would just step back for a second and realize they're helping sociopathic revenue focused politicians suck more from our wallets while not caring how many bodies litter the streets with their evil legislation. Not the mention increasing the power of the police state.

Speed limits kill!!!

Submission + - Montana Lawmakers Propose 85 Mph Speed Limit On Interstates writes: AP reports that Montana lawmakers are drafting bills that would raise the daytime speed limit on Montana interstate highways from 75 to 80 and possibly as high as 85 mph. “I just think our roads are engineered well, and technology is such we can drive those roads safely,” says Art Wittich noting that Utah, Wyoming and Idaho have raised their speed limits above 75, and they haven't had any problems and drivers on German autobahns average about 84 mph. State Senator Scott Sales says he spent seven months working in the Bakken oil patch, driving back and forth to Bozeman regularly. “If I could drive 85 mph on the interstate, it would save an hour,” says Sales. “Eighty-five would be fine with me."

A few years ago Texas opened a 40 mile stretch on part of a toll road called the Pickle Parkway between Austin and San Antonio. The tolled bypass was supposed to help relieve the bottleneck around Austin but the highway was built so far to the east that practically nobody used it. In desperation, the state raised the toll road speed limit to 85 mph, the fastest in the nation. "The idea was that drivers could drop the top, drop the hammer, crank the music and fly right past Austin," says Wade Goodyn. "It's a beautiful, wide-open highway — but it's empty, and the builders are nearly bankrupt."

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