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Comment: Windows because of MDI (Score 1) 1391

by inxil (#11821022) Attached to: In Which OS Do You Feel More Productive?
I'm a Web designer, and am fairly comfortable with the Mac and PC versions of the tools I use often (Linux is out for me--Dreamweaver and Photoshop are a must). I have to say that the one thing that keeps bringing me back to Windows is the tendancy towards MDIs vs. SDIs (Multiple vs. Single Document Interfaces) in Windows applications. Particularly in Dreamweaver MX, the single window with docked tools and tabs for easy switching between documents makes a world of difference. In OSX I find myself fishing for different open documents all the time. In Windows, I rarely have to do more than click a button or tab on the screen. I also find it much less distracting to have a solid-colored background than to have all my other open applications/documents visible behind the application I'm currently working with.

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