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Comment Uber will succeed in India (Score 3, Interesting) 45 45

The 'call taxi' market, as it is called here in India, is fractured and ripe for disruption. Unions in taxis are very weak. People here do not value privacy over saving a few rupees. RedBus and TicketGoose have made it big in bus reservations. Uber will tie up with Microsoft and Google to plunder the call taxi market.

I helped write taxi dispatch s/w for 3 firms, and I feel Uber will drive out Ola, TaxiForSure and other fringe players...

Comment Simple answer: No. MS is not a fool... (Score 1) 436 436

The editions for which "Free" upgrade options have been provided, Microsoft makes money by seling your data, and ensuring you don't run away to Linux. If you want all these controls and fancy stuff, you must pay about $800 for a copy., and get Enterprise edition.

Malware has given a very bad name to Microsoft. This is because of the immense, needless complexity in the so-called OS which contains linkages to non-essential things for an OS. Like the browser, Office, Email client, device drivers, etc. Even Enterprise users are afraid to apply latest patches due to stability issues.

But Enterprise users usually have firewalls in place, so atleast for them, MS provides complicated round-about methods to bypass snooping. To fix the malware problem permanently, Microsoft will have to reveal source code and truly give full vontrol to the users of their software. Neither of these will happen. So the control is with hardware vendors who have to write device drivers, and malware writers who have figured out the chinks anyway.

Thus MS is now in a race of continuously patching their shoddy OS, at your expense, your bandwaidth and your privacy. Live with it. Or go to another OS that runs on PC hardware, aka Linux. Or get a Mac for twice the price and half the funstionality and features. Or shut up and put up with Microsoft.

Comment Re:HAHAHAHA! (Score 1) 216 216

You have no idea how this works, does you? How much you pay for a service has nothing to do with how much it costs to provide a service. It's a matter of how much the market will bear. Why else do you think there are rubes out there still paying for text messages?

In competitive markets what the market will bear is driven by the cost to provide the product. This is true even if you are required by law to by the product. The auto insurance market is very competitive ("15 minutes will save you...")

Comment Re:Why does anyone care? (Score 2) 117 117

You can use high powered lasers in short pulses to compress and heat a fuel pellet to achieve fusion. A particular approach called fast ignition requires a petawatt pulse. Given that the laser is named LFEX for "Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments", it is a good bet this is what it is for.

(My expertise in this is limited to having had an inkling which Wikipedia article to look in for the answer. Further input from real experts is welcome.)

Comment Re:Seems silly. (Score 1) 66 66

The cooler thing would be if you have enough high speed printing capacity that you could manufacture and assemble a 1000 drone swarm in a very short period of time and overwhelm an adversaries defenses without requiring a ship big enough to carry a 1000 completed drones. And then another one, and another one. You would need a tanker full of plastic and a freighter full of batteries, electronics and propellers.

âoeKill decisionâ baby.

Comment So Microsoft Edge will finally kill Windows, eh? (Score 1) 255 255

The only things holding back people to Windows, I thought - IE and VB style client server apps. There are still ao many websites, specially banking and so-called inhouse web apps that rely on ActiveX and Craptive things on the Windows Ecosystem. So with Edge, the intrwebs will be forced to support a standards-compliant browser on the Windows desktop. Very good.

Once that is complete, the only reason for Windows on the desktop will be gone, and browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera - which are all standards-compliant, more so than IE at any rate; will become first class citizens again. And there will be nothing to hold back Linux in the Enterprises which have moved on from VB crap.

Good to hear.

Comment This would look really cool (Score 4, Interesting) 118 118

If you've ever played with a normal monochrome laser in a dark room, you'll have seen how laser illumination makes things look speckly. Illuminating with this "white" laser will make superimposed speckly in three colours, with the locations of the speckles not coinciding, so it would be iridescent speckly.

Comment Re:Resistance to Power (Score 1) 90 90

Ohm's law: V=IR => I = V/R
Power dissipated in a resister: P=VI
Substituting for I from Ohm's law: P=V^2/R
So for a fixed voltage, you dissipate more energy with a low resistance. This would be what you're remembering from electronics. For example if you attempt to short high tension power lines with a dry kite string, the effect will be unimpressive. On the other hand if you short them with a solid copper bar, expect to be rained with molten copper.

However it is not the case that you're going to take a circuit and replace a Si device with a GaN device and leave everything else (including the voltage) unchanged. You design your circuit to provide voltages appropriate to the components it contains. If you need a certain current to make a device work, and can adjust the voltage to provide that current, then instead you get P=I^2R, and lowering R lowers the power dissipation.

Comment Re:You just described SoylentNews. (Score 2) 550 550

I would mostly agree with parent. Soylent is fine execpt the community isnt big enough so the comments are barely there or worth reading, the name is kind of bad and the stories are routinely just old enough to be yesterdays news on Slashdot or Hacker news.

Their Twitter feed, which is where I get my news feeds, also puts these really annoying lame "from the deptâ attempts at humor in the tweets instead of just the title of the story and the link:

Razer Acquires Ouya Software Assets, Ditches Hardware from the kicked-down dept

They will even thorten the title to make room for the utterly stupid âoefrom theâ.

The best solution to replace Slashdot would probably be if Hacker news grafted the classic Slashdot look, commenting and moderation system on to their generally good stories and great community.

Comment Re:Whistle blower (Score 4, Insightful) 592 592

There is a high probably no Sunday talk show would have let him speak once they found out what he was going to say. They are all owned by giant media conglomerates you know. They wouldnt risk the wrath of the Federal government. Pretty sure Snowden went to Greenwald because he was one of the few journalists with the balls to do the story. The Guardian was hammered by the UK government for running it.

Remember when the CEO of Qwest defied the NSA plan to tap all data and phones lines after 9/11. The Federal government pulled all their contracts from Qwest, hammered their stock and then put him in prison for a phony securities rap. Qwest was a rare corporate hero among telecoms, long since swallowed up by CenturyLink who are just as bad as all the rest.

Comment Re: Looking more and more likely all the time... (Score 2) 509 509

It will take a demonstration satellite accelerating through space before the physics community goes into party mode. Until you're in free fall and vacuum, there is too much scope for systematic errors to accept a result of this level of importance.

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