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Comment Re:Fuel is cheap (Score 1) 119 119

I must commend you on the the fuel breakdown! My comment, however, was way beyond the fuel cost as that is negligible. I was thinking more on the legacy costs of overhead, engineering, production, etc. Given a budget of a couple hundred million and the number of years to create a prototype arrived me to my previous statement.

Comment Change it (Score 0) 548 548

First solution would be to change the laws and force the banks to be just banks and not a forum for creating markets on the backs of the innocent. Allowing them to have investment capabilities under the same roof was the biggest mistake ever allowed. I still can't wrap my head around companies that are either under government control or still owe the government money for the bailouts are still delving bonuses. Talk about an egregious slap in the face.

Comment Like a car (Score 0) 1040 1040

All the GUIs mentioned can be altered to your needs and each do everything required. If anything to be extended from these opinions would be mainly choice of OS. Like picking a car with automatic or manual transmissions or a moon roof versus convertible, etc.

Comment Young Einstein (Score 0) 260 260

Reminds me of the scene in Young Einstein when the patent office denied Albert a patent on a formula. Millions of patents these days based on nothing but an idea hiding in wait to sue some company who actually produces something you squatted but never truly took it beyond paper.

"Virtual" means never knowing where your next byte is coming from.