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Comment Re:A good example (Score 1) 140

A very good example of how our legal system would be improved by a 3-strikes rule.

If a court case is overturned on appeals, clearly, the lower court not only didn't do their job but in fact caused a 3-fold increase in the burden borne by the court system: the original court trial, the appellate hearing, and the subsequent case.

I've always wondered why, when an appellate court overrules a judge, there's no consequence for the judge. Simply put - if a judge is overturned 3 times, he obviously shouldn't be a judge any longer.

(If judges are particularly rare or dear, and we need them, implement some sort of "3rd strike = 25% pay cut for 1 year" rule to significantly punish these individuals that are so critical to our legal system.

Well I believe if a judge is wrong then he should get some sort of punishment. I mean for all we know he could have been paid big $$$$ to make rulings like this.

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