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Comment Re:Comparison? (Score 1) 237

"if it ain't reproducible it ain't real"

Exactly. Every time my users meet a intermittent fault in my systems, I point out to them that this is not scientific, and they must be imagining it. Hold on, their appears to be be a crowd of angry users outside. Let me get the door, I am sure it is *&%^*@))*+CARRIER LOST

Comment Re:When you define anything as "cheating"... (Score 1) 705

AC, I understood. You I don't.

If you object to his advice - it is not unbiblical for him to give it - simply a waste of his time(and yours). John the Baptist gave advice and lost his head, so I suppose he might die from it, but I certainly would not call it sinful. Remember, the one with the mote (in the passage) is a "brother". Different rules apply.

Now, if he were to do a John Calvin and punish you for not taking his advice, that would be another story. In that case I might even have strong words for him.

Comment Re:When you define anything as "cheating"... (Score 2) 705

those of us who try to follow Christ

Don't lust after other women, don't think about cheating, don't put yourself in the position where you might, don't neglect your marriage to the point where you feel you need to, and chances are pretty good that you won't.

When christ said to mind the log in your own eye, before looking at the mote in others, clearly you were not paying attention.

Perhaps you could clarify. I don't quite follow. What is the log and what is the mote in parent's statements?

Personally, I am always amused when Christians (and I am one) try to enforce their morals on others. The Bible clearly indicates it won't work.

Comment Re:And this is a big problem WHERE? (Score 1) 178

Heck, I could bike just fine drunk when I was a student. Only problem was I would go from "can't walk straight" drunk to stone cold sober by the time I got home... It was a fair distance, and there were hills. I suppose that isn't really a problem, but it was to me...

Comment Re:Hmm, maybe, just maybe (Score 1) 528

I get at most 3 text adds at the top of my google searches. About 50% of the time they are relevant, and about 10% of the time are duplicated in the first couple of results, so a bit redundant... There are more down the side. In a way, it's a bit like yellow pages are. If I had to slog through "millions of ads" I would doubtless agree with you. The adds normally lead to a webpage. From the webpage I can asses the solutions offered and dig for more information(demo units, local distributors, etc).

Perhaps your line of work you don't need to source much, so yeah, but I would not suggest these things are useless for everybody there exist at least 5 people who have found what they are looking for through sponsored results.

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