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Comment Re:Still don't trust SSDs (Score 0) 144 144

Surprisingly, no. We specified the SSD version of the PC (that runs on 24V incidentally) since we were concerned the motion of the door the device is mounted in might cause a spinning disk problems. Nobody ever turns off anything before messing with it. I suppose there is a possibility that they killed power while the damn thing was writing, come to think of it.

I would imagine, yes, if they failed a lot, you would find yourself having to re-label SSDs all the time.

Comment Re:Still don't trust SSDs (Score 0) 144 144

Spinning disks work fine. We thought SSDs would be better because of the possibility the system could be subject to vibration. Performance was never a concern. The use case includes some fairly continuous logging, but it was not expected that log would rotate very quickly.

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