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Comment: Re:turn-about isn't just fair-play, it's PROPER pl (Score 1) 765

by Pseudonym (#49324355) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

Actually, it's the exact opposite of that.

As Neal Stephenson famously pointed out in The Diamond Age, when you have no shared notion of ethics or morality, the only "sin" is hypocrisy. I can't judge you for not sharing my ideals, but I can judge you for violating your own.

The Barney Frank Rule states that it's okay to out someone for publicly oppressing people for doing what they do in private, no more and no less.

Comment: Re:Tracking (Score 1) 569

How about they not take anonymous calls like that so seriously?

Because nobody wants to be the law enforcement agency which downplayed a real tipoff.

Since we're on the topic, how about they not turn themselves into paramilitary organisations in the first place? Calling out the SWAT team is a dangerous waste of money, partly because having a SWAT team is a dangerous waste of money in the vast majority of jurisdictions.

Comment: Re:Normal women... (Score 1) 765

by Pseudonym (#49316975) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

Github would sensibly decide it is not going to be the censor police for project names, content, comments, submissions etc.

If Github wanted to be really smart about this, they would issue a press release which said that they were not going to protect idiots like this from the consequences of their own actions. If Randy Hunt wants to do his own damage control, that's up to him. Github is not going to do it for him.

Comment: Re:Define "Threatened" and "Unwelcome" (Score 1) 765

by Pseudonym (#49316953) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

Oh, and just what is being "demanded" of this "project"? Most people don't give a darn, because the project is bogus - just an attention-getting stunt done in bad taste. I don't think it rises even to the level of a tempest in a teapot. This non-story should never have seen the light of day. It's just clickbait.

I wish I had mod points, because this paragraph would get all of them.

For me, this whole non-story is straightforward and uncontroversial: It's not Github's job to prevent people from making fools of themselves in public. Now that it's gone viral, their response is simple. They should issue a press release which says "we're not going to protect him from himself", leave the project as-is, and let him live with the consequences.

Sigmund Freud is alleged to have said that in the last analysis the entire field of psychology may reduce to biological electrochemistry.