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Comment Re:Haskell? (Score 1) 427

Perl 5 (the first version with references and objects) - October 1994
Java 1.02 (first stable release) - January 1996

We're talking about a little over a year here.

Perl 5 was certainly responsible for the growth of CPAN (and CGI scripts!), it didn't take over C in the open source world. Before Java, pretty much everything was written in C, including Perl. After Java, the field was wide open.

Comment Re:Haskell? (Score 1) 427

I would say Prolog and Haskell don't count as "obscure". Everyone has heard of them, even if few people use them regularly.

With you on Mercury, though. Certainly obscure, and worth knowing for the way it will change your thinking. (Disclaimer: I wrote some of the Mercury compiler.)

My "learn one language a year" last year was Coq. I think that's suitably obscure and also quite important.

Comment Re:History repeats. (Score 1) 87

However, it was about a bunch of actors thrown into a situation their characters on a long-canceled TV show should be in, who eventually figured out how to use their own abilities to win.

Well, you could do it as a fly-on-the-wall backstage mockumentary (a la 30 Rock/The Office/Parks & Rec/Muppets:TNG), set during the run of the original show.

You're welcome. I'll just make my exit now.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1043

Atlas shrugged never had studio funding.

Yes it did.

As for Superheroines consider the concept that making them feminist metaphors ruins them.

Not saying you're wrong, but I'm struggling to think of an example. That isn't what ruined Red Sonja, or Supergirl, or Catwoman, or Aeon Flux.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1043

It's the people who wanted to make Atlas Shrugged but couldn't get studio funding.

Atlas Shrugged had studio funding when Angelina Jolie was attached. When that fell through, the deal fell through. That's the free market for you.

(Actually, it could have been made 40 years ago, but Ayn Rand was a control freak.)

It's when Starship Troopers gets turned into pissing on Heinlein's memory.

Not denying that, but on the other hand, Alan Moore has had similar luck. Also, we're yet to see a half-decent superheroine movie ever. Hollywood is an equal opportunity desecrator.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1043

I'ts pretty hard to see the damage unless you know how things were before.

I remember gaming before Gamergate. It was so much better.

Or maybe I just pick my friends carefully, and it was a rude shock to discover that there are nutjob gamers too.

oh seeing as you brought movies into this

Oh, FFS. Let's get this straight:

1. Clint Eastwood has won five academy awards.
2. The movie was nominated even though nobody gamed the nomination process to try to prove a lame point. No evidence of Academy snub.
3. Neither Selma nor The Imitation Game won, so no evidence of SJW conspiracy. The artsiest move won, which is what sometimes happens. (On a related note, do remember that The Hurt Locker beat Avatar, and nobody was stupid enough to call that a "snub".)
4. The movie made a bucketload of cash, and Eastwood will get to make more movies.

But, you know, clickbait hyperbole is journalism these days. Manufactured drama words like "snub" are the order of the day.

"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked." -- John Gall, _Systemantics_