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Comment Re:Sexual Assault (Score 4, Insightful) 275

Cortana is modelled on real-world personal assistants. They spent a lot of time interviewing PAs to understand the job that they have to do. One of the things which came out of the research is that PAs are assistants, not servants.

If it helps, consider that not putting up with your shit is one way of keeping you on track.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 662

Would you find it more accurate to state that the Civil Rights Movement, by and large, sought to achieve that which was denied to them, while the modern college campus movements often seek to deny that which others may currently be allowed?

It's very rare that granting equal rights to some previously-excluded group doesn't involve restricting other peoples' rights in some ways. For example, ending employment discrimination on the basis of the amount of melanin in your skin inevitably restricts the right of employers to hire freely. One of the rare cases is opening up marriage rights (e.g. "miscegenation" or same-sex marriage) is quite unusual in that it's one of those rare situations where literally nobody else's rights are infringed.

I think that what's changed is that the stuff that's perceived to be denied is often more subtle (and hence, arguably, more insidious), and so the inevitable restrictions seem more petty by comparison.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 662

Contrasting then to now, the Civil Rights Movement sought to be in clusive, while this current crop of movements seeks to be ex clusive.

That's a rewriting of history. The "civil rights movement" was not one group of people all of whom had the same agenda. Some elements of the movement were about absolute equality (notably, MLK was in favour of right for homosexual people), some were more about non-white people claiming power that previously only white people had (e.g. Robert F. Williams), and others had different agendas. Oh, and the non-violent wing of the civil rights movement did pay a lot of tribute to the self-defence wing, because the fear that black people would defend themselves against violence was (ironically) one of the things which made non-violent protests effective.

When I was at university in the 90s, it was a similar story. While there's less violence in today's activist movements (the WTO protests were a lifetime ago), it's a similar story now.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 662

And at what point in Cleese's career has he ever done anything but? Satire and parody aren't intended to be inoffensive and in-controversial.

Like all the best comedians, Cleese has always obeyed the first rule of offensive comedy: never punch down.

Pick your favourite, most offensive, John Cleese routine. Now look at Michael Richards' infamous Laugh Factory rant. That is the difference.

Actually, Monty Python would often anticipate when something would cause offence and acknowledge it by doing the complaints themselves as part of the sketch. In one famous Cleese & Chapman sketch, they even had the audience storm the stage in protest.

This is about modern kids deciding that the rights and freedoms they grew up enjoying should be curtailed such that they only extend to people who agree with them.

Where the hell do you think these "modern kids" learned it from? Right now, we have frontrunner politicians running for high office on the platform that people with certain religious persuasions should be deported.

We have media pundits who use our precious bandwidth yelling as loud as they can that half of the population of America hates America. It was adults in power who taught them that certain people should be censored. To their credit, at least "modern kids" are using that tool in a good cause.

Comment Re:There's no doubt that... (Score 2) 1825

There's a reason why there isn't an edit button.

Some comment systems (e.g. stackoverflow) only let you edit for a limited amount of time. A minute seems enough to fix that one typo. That wouldn't be unreasonable, and presumably moderation would be suspended (or wiped, and the moderator gets their points back) if a post is edited.

I don't know what to do about replies during that time. Maybe give responders a notification and time to fix or even delete their response.

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