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Comment Re:Too bad... (Score 1) 610

Which problems would those be? Last I checked, number of dead people from nuclear didn't even register on the bar graphs comparing relative safety of power generation technologies. You can watch "Pandora's Promise" and see the EBIL RAY-DEE-AY-SHUN on the guy's dosimeter as he walks around Fukushima Daiichi. Note that the readings are lower than in the city of Denver. Oh Noes! We had better evacuate the capital of Colorado!!

Until we have stopped fossil fuel use, by which I mean SHUT THE LAST COMBUSTION POWER PLANT DOWN PERMANENTLY (combustion engines in transportation sector, and particularly aircraft could go on awhile longer), I believe it is irresponsible in the extreme to avoid nuclear power. The costs of the Fukushima disaster are nearly all political, and mainly incurred due to hysteria, fear-mongering and in all likelihood smart businessmen who see a way to profit enormously from said hysteria.

Comment Re:Too bad... (Score 1) 610

"And no, none of that cost is due to NIMBYs or lawsuits. It's the build and operating cost of the plant that is the problem."

And that build and operating cost factors in NIMBYs and lawsuits via the absurd NRC [or $YOUR_REGULATORY_BODY which probably cribbed NRC's] regulations. Otherwise it just isn't very expensive to pour concrete and fab a reactor core.

Comment Re:Might want to tighten the bolts on those sabers (Score 1) 199

It's highly arguable whether any of these hot spots currently involve vital interests of the US. Penis-measuring is, as you note, a rather expensive proposition at this level. The American public generally shrugs, or at most bitches a little at the cost in dollars, but a decade plus of body bags and young men with missing limbs have reduced appetites for being the world's cops. That would change quickly in the case of a threat to a close ally, let alone US possessions.

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