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Comment: Re:Secure? (Score 1) 187 187

First thing I'd like to say is, I am part of the legalise drugs crowd, and I'm coincidentally Australian as well. The only drugs I use are already legal (alcohol).
You have made the best case I've heard for why drugs should remain illegal. However my biggest argument for legalising all drugs is that "prostitution, human trafficking, people smuggling" will be virtually eliminated when there is no drug money to fund these activities.
The other argument I have is the money received through taxation would allow for a truly world class rehabilitation program, although I'm cynical enough to know the government will find the best possible way to piss it away on a $900 giveaway or overpriced school sheds, I would hope this can bring so real relief to not just indigenous communities but all drug addicts
The last and most important point is that, drugs are exactly as you describe expensive and destructive, but if somebody is foolish enough to use, I would rather the profits don't go to criminals

Comment: For us Australians (Score 1) 601 601

I use Jumba's 29.95 a year budget option to host my website (The empty shell of a thing that it is) and that obviously includes mail as well. I know you said you didn't want webspace as well but for the price it is the best I've found, considering you can setup as many subdomains as you want and there are no limits on the number of aliases you can have
btw i'm not a shill just a satisfied customer

We were so poor that we thought new clothes meant someone had died.