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Comment: Re:TIFF with Malware? (Score 2) 41

by ilovepi (#42951787) Attached to: BlackBerry TIFF Vulnerability Could Allow Access To Enterprise Server

I don't know the means by which this particular attack is delivered. However, I know that the "unhackable" versions of Sony's PSP systems were finally hacked by a payloaded .TIFF file. I'd imagine there are some similarities, so you might want to look up how that hack worked.

Comment: Re:Why would you want to game on Linux (Score 5, Informative) 332

by ilovepi (#42217979) Attached to: Valve Begins Listing Linux Requirements For Certain Games On Steam

So if you want to do both unixy world and games why not Mac?.

1) Some people like Linux more than either of the proprietary OSes. This might be because they can configure Linux more, or because it's free, or because it's ideologically free, or because their friend told them to run it, or any of a thousand other reasons.

2) Why not? Many indie developers have already made Linux-compatible games that are also on steam. For instance, most of the Humble Indie bundles have had a requirement of running on Linux, and most of those games also provided steam keys.

3) Other people aren't a Apple shills/trolls?

Comment: Re:How is it different from a play? (Score 1) 411

by ilovepi (#38740634) Attached to: A Copyright Nightmare

Photographs should be protected so long as the photographer used flash, since at least some of the reflected light originates from the photographers camera.

Additionally, photos which have been developed (and thus use pigments or chemicals to be produced) can be copyrightable. Photos that have been digitally retouched (and thus no longer use that natural lighting) should be copyrighted as well.


+ - New Google Translate Tool (fixed)->

Submitted by
bs0d3 writes "If you use google translate to translate webpages, you're in luck. Instead of simply posting a url into google translate, you now have the option to use buttons to drag into the browser's toolbar. For those who prefer the old way of using google translate where you simply post a url, you can now put it into the text box that translates text in real time. Google translate now recognizes any link posted there and automatically creates a hyper link to a translated version of that page. Google has also added a new tool that allows people to upload and translate entire documents saved to their computers."
Link to Original Source

Comment: The License (Score 5, Informative) 96

by ilovepi (#38211356) Attached to: Latest Humble Bundle Comes With <em>Uplink</em> Source Code
While it's definitely cool that the Bundle now comes with the code for these game, make sure you read the license for publication of any finished product; while it's understandable that Introversion would want people to pay for the software, the license requires that a developer contact Introversion if they make a port, and they don't allow porting to a multitude of consumer devices (anything nintendo, sony, or microsoft makes) even if the end-user is required to buy the media required to play the game (such that they would need to purchase the full PC version.) So keep this in mind before making a PSP version (like someone did with the Aquaria source released in the first Humble Bundle.) As a modding platform and possibly as a learning tool, providing the source is very nice of Introversion. So, for the most part, kudos to them.

Comment: Ubiquity Crashed During Install (Score 1) 1231

by ilovepi (#29972642) Attached to: Some Early Adopters Stung By Ubuntu's Karmic Koala
Nearing the end of the install on my laptop ubiquity crashed, this happened on each of three attempts. There had already been a bug filed on the beta and someone had found that apt-get removing ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu before running the install off the live CD solved that problem. Since that the only issues I've had have simply been me messing with the wrong files, these are easily fixed. All in all it's a pretty sleek operating system.

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