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Comment Wafic Said, al-Yamamah & Oxford Business Schoo (Score 1) 26

Just in case you're not familiar with the name:

If you have access to 80s & 90s UK newspaper archives, there are many more contemporary reports which are interesting reading.

Comment Per-capita fund value (Score 2) 284

Quick calculation seems that the fund is worth about $70k per head (pop 740k). Not shabby.

Norway (pop ~5M) has the largest fund in the world, also from oil revenues, which owns an estimated 1% of world equities. That fund value is about $170k per head. It doesn't pay dividends to citizens, rather using the money to pay government pensions (thus saving gov revenue).

I can't find (from perfunctory searching) historic figures of value (thus growth) for both that I can compare, but it would be interesting to compare the investment return of both, and the management fees.

Comment Excellent discussion. (Score 1) 294

I don't come to /. for the stories - I come for the comments. I don't think this story was any good, but I was educated a lot by the input from the Argentinians - not a voice I hear elsewhere in my online life.

Thank you Argentinian contributors - your insights are very welcome.

As it happens, I'm posting from Wales, and this year it's the 150th anniversary of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia, the 'Gwladfa' - there are still many hundreds of Welsh speakers in Patagonia, and many thousands of people of Welsh descent.

See & if any Argentinians are in the UK soon, the National Library of Wales are opening a major exhibition in Aberystwyth about the Welsh colony in Patagonia on the 23rd of May.

Comment Re:have to rewrite muc federal law to not microman (Score 1) 150

Sometimes, he loses the contract and it goes to someone else. Sometimes, he loses the ability to get awarded future contracts

2014 EU Procurement Directives now allow contracting authorities to take past failures into account when evaluating tenders.
At last!

Comment She was suing UK police over past outrage (Score 1) 143

Additional information from The Guardian:

This was the the female political activist who is suing the Metropolitan Police for planting an undercover officer in environmental/animal activist groups who formed a sexual relationship with her for two years under a false identity "Mark Kennedy". See previous stories about him here:

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