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Comment Sites you 'visit' (Score 1) 77

OK, say you take them at their word and they're just logging sites you visit (as in the domain). Have you ever looked at all the domains you 'visit' when you open a 'modern' web page?

What's to stop a random site from including an iframe or other call to http://dodgy-jihadi-site.com/ in their page? Does that get logged? If not, what's to stop a site from just being a wrapper page that lets you browse dodgy sites without triggering their metadata capture? What's the chances that loads of sites will put malicious img requests in for a 1x1 pixel from dodgy-site?

"Our metadata shows that on the X of Y, you visited 'dodgy-jihadi-site.com'"
"No I didn't, look, I just visited 'random-site.com', it must have pulled something in!"

But as they don't keep the full request 'dodgy-jihadi-site.com/images/1x1pixel.jpg', you have no defense.

This is a complete mess.

Comment Re:Uh huh... (Score 1) 206

Ah, sorry - misread you as asking for a working vmware view client, which was my problem. Isn't VMWare deprecating the vsphere client in favour of the web version? I'm not close enough to the administration to know whether there's missing functionality in the web version, but there's certainly functions in there that won't be supported in the windows client.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 112

There are, in fact, several species of blueberries. The commercial cultivates in the USA and Europe are nowadays (unfortunately) the American high brush blueberries, but the European wild blueberry tastes far more intensive

AKA bilberries, winberries or 'llys' in Welsh. Unlike the relatively tasteless blueberry, they stain your fingers and lips purple. You won't find them commercially cultivated, you have to go up the hills to find them, and it takes quite a while to pick enough to make a tart (US pie). Blueberries don't compare to llys. They take a lot of picking, take children and even if you collect 20% of what they pick, it's worth it. Late summer picking of llys is one of life's joys.

Comment Re:Impressive but not unique (Score 2) 59

It certainly was online for whatever value of 'online' you'd choose to use. Obviously it wasn't on the web in 1990, as that hadn't started yet, but the web is a subset of the Internet. I was an avid user of rec.arts.movies db. When I accessed the very few websites available in early 1994 as a student at Cardiff University, the 'Cardiff Internet Movie Database' was there. I borrowed a copy of 'Clockwork Orange' on VHS (then still banned in the UK) via CIMB. Even then I was impressed that this obviously International resource was served out of the machine room downstairs.

Comment Per-capita fund value (Score 2) 284

Quick calculation seems that the fund is worth about $70k per head (pop 740k). Not shabby.

Norway (pop ~5M) has the largest fund in the world, also from oil revenues, which owns an estimated 1% of world equities. That fund value is about $170k per head. It doesn't pay dividends to citizens, rather using the money to pay government pensions (thus saving gov revenue).

I can't find (from perfunctory searching) historic figures of value (thus growth) for both that I can compare, but it would be interesting to compare the investment return of both, and the management fees.

Comment Excellent discussion. (Score 1) 294

I don't come to /. for the stories - I come for the comments. I don't think this story was any good, but I was educated a lot by the input from the Argentinians - not a voice I hear elsewhere in my online life.

Thank you Argentinian contributors - your insights are very welcome.

As it happens, I'm posting from Wales, and this year it's the 150th anniversary of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia, the 'Gwladfa' - there are still many hundreds of Welsh speakers in Patagonia, and many thousands of people of Welsh descent.

See http://www.glaniad.com/ & if any Argentinians are in the UK soon, the National Library of Wales are opening a major exhibition in Aberystwyth about the Welsh colony in Patagonia on the 23rd of May.

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