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Comment: Re:Ridiculous fanboyism (Score 1, Insightful) 424

by iknowcss (#37840814) Attached to: How Steve Jobs Solved the Innovator's Dilemma
Let me guess, you've come up with ideas that you thought would have benefited your employer, but the people with a broader perspective of the business decided that they weren't cost effective or viable, right? Ideas are like assholes: everyone has one. It takes an individual with foresight, leadership and determination to consider those ideas, pick the best ones, and apply the right amount of resources in the right places. The iPhone was one of probably hundreds or thousands of ideas Steve heard on a regular basis. He saw the potential and acted on it, effectively changing the entire mobile computing landscape. By the way, no one was stopping employee number 24621 from taking his idea and running with it. He chose to work at Apple because he lacks the skills, resources or connections necessary to bring his idea to life. This is where people like Steve Jobs are important. They bring those skills, resources and connections together to make a successful product.

Comment: Re:Axe job (Score 1) 338

by iknowcss (#33677346) Attached to: Security Lessons Learned From the Diaspora Launch
Did you actually see the gaping security holes? Go to the linked page. I'll wait. It is disturbingly obvious that the developers have NO idea what they're doing to secure their users and data. These are total n00b bugs. If you start with this turd (even if it is "pre-alpha") and expect the FOSS community to be able to polish it into anything other than a turd, you are quite the idealist. I really had high hopes for this project, but now I'm terrified to use it.

Comment: Re:Source (Score 3, Informative) 438

by iknowcss (#33282434) Attached to: Wikileaks Now Hosted By the Swedish Pirate Party
The system that Manning "hurt" through his actions is the same system that is punishing him. How is that even remotely comparable to the Nazis and hiding Jews? According to Nazi law, hiding Jews is an act which draws consequence. It wouldn't be surprising if the perpetrators were executed by that system for those high crimes. It isn't surprising, then, that this system is doing what its own code dictates. That doesn't make his court-marshal "right", per se, but seeing as he broke the laws of the system, IT DOES NOT MATTER if it's "right" or "wrong," The system's reaction must be to punish him under its own law.

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