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Comment: Re:Stallman on boycotting (Score 1) 210

by ikhider (#47254183) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order
Here is one informative piece on what working for Amazon is like: and one on Apple Essentially, these companies make massive profit and can easily afford to pay a decent wage without hindering their bottom line. What is appalling is that these companies do not do so. A lot of these jobs are dead-end without the opportunity for advancement. Getting decent pay for labour is a constant struggle as are decent working conditions. Historically, companies try to exploit labour and need to be called out. Also, we have cases like Intel where manufacturing is built on stolen land and in violation of UN treaties such as their factories on occupied Palestine. Only when consumers put pressure on these companies and workers organize will companies concede proper working conditions. You or your children could wind up working in these places, perhaps even a summer. They need a safe work place with decent pay, especially when the company is flush. I am an entrepreneur myself and have clients all over the world who buy my products. I know that an adequately paid work force will be able to afford what I sell. I also manufacture locally (Canada) which costs more than off shore, but is worth it for the higher end products I put out. And since we are talking about Amazon, I detest the fact that their (Amazon Canada) shipping rates are subsidized and the rest of us entrepreneurs in Canada have to pay full price. Why should they get special treatment? Us small business owners pay way more taxes than Amazon. You bet my elected representative is put on notice for this.

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by ikhider (#47252193) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order
For you it seems that as long as your ass is covered, everyone else can be oppressed. If a company exploits workers, they must not be supported. A business model that incorporates sustainability is what we need to aim for. There is a long list of companies that exploit workers, the environment, people's freedoms, human rights and they should be avoided. Just because you or your family is guarded in a gated community and privileged does not make exploitation acceptable. Amazon, on so many levels, offers a damaging economic model that harms society. If you have a heart, don't support them. Perhaps someone like you has no qualms with dealing with the likes of Amazon, Apple, or probably even 1930's-era IBM. Your way of thinking is unsustainable and alrady the cause of much of the world's problems. Stop hurting our society and put some accountability in your life to those around you.

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Clearly, you did not read this entry carefully. Many Slashdotters have issues with reading. I do not know why. Too much 'quick-scanning' and not enough comprehension. As if you are looking for a bug in a piece of text instead of trying to figure out the meaning of things. Here is a link Stallman prioritizes: Do me a favor and please try to cogitate.

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by ikhider (#47180591) Attached to: Lego To Produce Three Box Sets Featuring Female Scientists
Lego had a factory in Conneticut, USA that employed hundreds of workers, then they shuttered it in the 2000's and relocated to Mexico. Funny thing is, they also jacked up the price of their toys A LOT. A mid-size Lego box is in the hundreds of dollars. They seem to be doing okay with a Lego movie and all those superhero Lego's. So Lego has more profit and all those American workers can go jump in the lake as far as Lego is concerned. Just think about what you are supporting. Just another business that could have afforded to stay in the USA. Now, if Lego were to give the Mexicans fair, living wages maybe I would support them. But really, Lego is just like any other business that manfactured/es there. I can pick up another toy, thank you.

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by ikhider (#47148095) Attached to: A Measure of Your Team's Health: How You Treat Your "Idiot"
If you designate someone the 'team idiot', that does not make for a climate pf productivity. The receiving end becomes bitter and the team members wind-up with a scapegoat for his/her own shortcomings. Rookies might start off as the idiot, but they can surpass established members. You have to think, what is the mentality behind 'team idiot'? Is the 'idiot' getting all the resources they need? Are they kept up to speed on the project? Are they part of meetings and social outings? Sometimes business is discussed during these outings and this is how ideas gel. Do we have a culture of exclusivity or inclusivity? If you call someone the idiot, get rid of him/her and do it yourself. If you cannot function without 'the idiot', perhaps you have underestimated her/his abilitiies.

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That America does not have funding for education and that there are schools in need. It is tremendously sad that 1 in 4 children in the USA grow up illitertate (as per the Kickstarter website). I wish the USA public infrastructure had funding to serve and educate their citizenry. Too bad they have to rely on private donors for this sort of thing. I guess the USA is really a poor country.

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by ikhider (#47103527) Attached to: Iran Court Summons Mark Zuckerberg For Facebook Privacy Violations
I mean really, who is twisting their arm to use the stupid program? Sheep thinkers use it. Make your own app, make it transparent that respects the users' freedom. Use GNU Social. Zuckerberg made suckers of the American people among other users, selling their habits for data-mining to the highest bidder. Facebook is a big help to Prism. But no one is focing Iranians to use Facebook. Educate people and offer free (as in freedom) alternatives. Arabs and Persians used to be foremost in maths and sciences in the civilized world, they have long lost that distinction. Maybe it is time to get it back. Make a better alternative. Creat something even Amercians would want. That would be a breakthrough.

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