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Comment: Libre Browsers offer DuckDuckGo (Score 2) 386

In other news, Libre browesers like icecat, Iceweasel, and Abrowser offer search DuckDuckGo and Blekko. Wolfram Alpha comes in handy on ocassion. You don't have to live in a Google/Yahoo!/Bing! world. May myriads of search engines bloom in a more diverse interweb.

Comment: What ever happened to the GNU/Linux tablet? (Score 1) 54

by ikhider (#48420239) Attached to: Jolla Crowdfunds Its First Tablet
Wasn't the year of the GNU/Linux tablet supposed to be a few years ago? I think there was something called a 'Spark' tablet that runs KDE, but that dissapeared in the ether. It would be nice to see GNU/Linux available on mobile devices. This tablet does not look much better than other crap out there. I really hope it meets your expectations as Jolla seems like a cooler company with seemingly nice products. I have not been able to get my hands on one to see for myself.

Comment: Shame Groupon! (Score 1) 268

by ikhider (#48359857) Attached to: GNOME Project Seeks Donations For Trademark Battle With Groupon
As I understand it, there are two seperate objectives between the conflicting parties. Groupon is a proprietary software firm that facilitates financial transactions, the other is a not-for-profit user interface designed for all. It is tremendously uncool for a corporate entity to go after a non-for-profit. Rather than taking them to court, we could just shame Groupon. What kind of monstrous people would go after a non-threatening free software project? Heck, Microsoft could have gone after KDE for the way they laid-out the GUI, but didn't. (start button at the bottom left...of course, that would also open up a can of worms for Microsoft...). Are not-for-profits not protected somehow in the US? It is disgusting that this is even a litigation issue. It is like Sony going after PBS in court because their new product hapens to be called "PBS". This is not just an American issue, countless non-Americans use gnome. So how does a US corporation suddenly decide that a free, global application must be threatened? How many poor developing nations actually need FLOSS software? (A LOT). This is low and disgusting. I am apalled. Yes, I know there are detractors for Gnome, but I am sure we can all agree that this GUI is ours and must be defended, even if it is a little deformed...Rather than the courts, why not make a big publicity/PR stink?

Comment: Trisquel, an excellent all-around distro (Score 2) 39

by ikhider (#48312359) Attached to: Trisquel 7 Released
Trisquel is not only the best Libre GNU/Linux distros, but one of the finest all-around. Libre distros generally require sophisticated knowledge to get the things to work, but Trisquel is by light years the easiest to install and actually use. I have used pretty much all the major distros including Arch, Slackware, Suse, Puppy, Fedora, Gentoo, and Debian, as well as all the 'buntus to name a few. They are great, but am very happy with Trisquel. Trisquel is based off of Ubuntu, but it is far more stable. Ubuntu tends to have update diarrhea, while Trisquel, has far less while remaining secure and relevant. While lots of things break under Ubuntu, not so with Trisquel. As a Libre enthusiast, I am thrilled to get a Libre distro that filters out proprietary crap, YET STILL WORKS. If I want proprietary, I can run my Mac and Windows machines. Kudos to the Trisquel team to somehow make the OS/software more stable than Ubuntu. Yes, for my laptop I did have to buy a wifi usb from ThinkPenguin (a person pointed out the wifi issue), but now it works! I like that the OS exclusively runs Libre software so I can compare and contrast my other GNU/Linux software experience and understand just how much proprietary pervades the user experience while great Libre alternatives exist. While Trisquel does have Gnome as default, I did type in the terminal 'sudo apt-get install kde-standard' and got my KDE environs (yeah, I know--but I like it). No way I am knocking the other distros, but if you want a Libre distro that works well (better than the 'buntus), then Trisquel is satisfying.

Comment: Re:Stallman on boycotting (Score 1) 210

by ikhider (#47254183) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order
Here is one informative piece on what working for Amazon is like: and one on Apple Essentially, these companies make massive profit and can easily afford to pay a decent wage without hindering their bottom line. What is appalling is that these companies do not do so. A lot of these jobs are dead-end without the opportunity for advancement. Getting decent pay for labour is a constant struggle as are decent working conditions. Historically, companies try to exploit labour and need to be called out. Also, we have cases like Intel where manufacturing is built on stolen land and in violation of UN treaties such as their factories on occupied Palestine. Only when consumers put pressure on these companies and workers organize will companies concede proper working conditions. You or your children could wind up working in these places, perhaps even a summer. They need a safe work place with decent pay, especially when the company is flush. I am an entrepreneur myself and have clients all over the world who buy my products. I know that an adequately paid work force will be able to afford what I sell. I also manufacture locally (Canada) which costs more than off shore, but is worth it for the higher end products I put out. And since we are talking about Amazon, I detest the fact that their (Amazon Canada) shipping rates are subsidized and the rest of us entrepreneurs in Canada have to pay full price. Why should they get special treatment? Us small business owners pay way more taxes than Amazon. You bet my elected representative is put on notice for this.

Comment: Re:Stallman on boycotting (Score 1) 210

by ikhider (#47252193) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order
For you it seems that as long as your ass is covered, everyone else can be oppressed. If a company exploits workers, they must not be supported. A business model that incorporates sustainability is what we need to aim for. There is a long list of companies that exploit workers, the environment, people's freedoms, human rights and they should be avoided. Just because you or your family is guarded in a gated community and privileged does not make exploitation acceptable. Amazon, on so many levels, offers a damaging economic model that harms society. If you have a heart, don't support them. Perhaps someone like you has no qualms with dealing with the likes of Amazon, Apple, or probably even 1930's-era IBM. Your way of thinking is unsustainable and alrady the cause of much of the world's problems. Stop hurting our society and put some accountability in your life to those around you.

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