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Suspect Freed After Exposing Cop's Facebook Status 653

longacre writes "A man on trial in New York for possession of a weapon has been acquitted after subpoenaing his arresting officer's Facebook and MySpace accounts. His defense: Officer Vaughan Ettienne's MySpace 'mood' was set to 'devious' on the day of the arrest, and one day a few weeks before the trial, his Facebook status read 'Vaughan is watching "Training Day" to brush up on proper police procedure.' From the article: '"You have your Internet persona, and you have what you actually do on the street," Officer Ettienne said on Tuesday. "What you say on the Internet is all bravado talk, like what you say in a locker room." Except that trash talk in locker rooms almost never winds up preserved on a digital server somewhere, available for subpoena.'"

Submission + - How important is freedom of speech?

moderatorrater writes: With the recent banning of a film-maker from the UK for making a documentary critical of Islam, it sparked a discussion about whether or not freedom of speech trumps safety. It seems that the question is best best exemplified by another. Knowing the violence that would ensue, would you have the government ban the printing of the famous cartoon of Muhammad, and why?

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