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the quote 'in societies where many people believe in hell compared to those where more people believed in heaven." is contradictory. in what religeon(s) do they preach in only one or the other ? afaik, if you believe in one, you have to also believe in the other. as in, 'if you don't make it to heaven, where do you go " its sad that people don't realise there is a way to build a heaven on earth, and it only takes honorable measures to acheive it. not greed.

+ - WindowManagers; what you prefer + why 1

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idanity writes "I have run linux for exactly ten years. and lately, I have reverted back to e16 and its never been better.................... I have had a love affair with many distros, wm's and have bounced between blackbox, gnome and just last year KDE 3.5 (all was good, except for KDE 4 (which is why i even reverted to enlightenment again)and in this reminiscint of e16, i wonder, ...what everyone else is running, and why ?"

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