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+ - asking slashdot: port a java program from XP to (any) linux

Submitted by idanity
idanity (591710) writes "I have a small but useful java program that only runs on (m.s.)XP.
I would like to run this program in my fedora 20 laptop. or any GNU/Linux system.
  the basics.
  the (java) program is used to tune an ECU chip in my car yet the software is buggy and only runs on XP while the owners have no intention of updating. As they have laid off the author after he was finished.
  I have requested them to update the software and want to help them (and myself) to being able to use this program in GNU/Linux.

  where do I start, and what is there to do?
primarily I never want to run XP, or need to use microsofts os's to do such a tiny thing
secondly, I wish to see this program become useful and function as it would help everyone who's already invested in it (I am invested over 1k into it sofar (for the hardware))."

Comment: location of protests (Score 0) 246

by idanity (#47844623) Attached to: Protesters Blockade Microsoft's Seattle Headquarters Over Tax Breaks
they didn't protest @ the Redmond headquarters because most people in Redmond wouldn't care. Even if they did, few people would see the protests. the Microsoft headquarters is hugely supported by all their employees and after hours all you get are the black SUVs following you around if you venture too far around their boundaries. Besides, which building would you protest on the M.S.campus? It's nicely lit up, well groomed and clean (perfect skateboard tracks) but not a lot of public traffic. anyone in this area is either a M.S. employee or they are retired.

Comment: Eadle eyes (Score 0) 550

by idanity (#47525139) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later
I'm waiting for Eagles eyes to be properly cloned for humans. when that happens, i will switch out my bad eyes for some eagle ones... should take a few more weeks or months (sarcasm, since we have to state when we're doing it now, but it should be within a few years to be able to completely create a new eye from our own DNA).

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