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Comment Re:VideoCrypt (Score 1) 49

As I read the information, It was encrypted in a similar fashion but not necessarily identical. Specifically I suspect a different crypto system was used but it still only rotated lines in the video. They used image processing techniques to restore the only partially garbled image, the did not break the underlying crypto nor did they recover the key. The may not even understand which underlying Crypto algorithm is used to decide how much to rotate each row. They break the system without breaking the crypto, which is common.

Comment Re:As always? (Score 1) 49

Poorly applied crypto is far more common than weak crypto.
We see many mistakes: No IV, ECB mode, keeping weak version along with strong, weak keys, error correction underneath encryption and many more.
In this case they didn't actually apply encryption to the entire feed only rotated the lines pseduo randomly, and the decryption did not require breaking the key nor even figure out which encryption algorithm was used.

As for how good the military is in using it? well The Israelis got caught with their pants down, the US had their totally unencrypted feeds captured by Taliban in Afghanistan, and had a drone hijacked in Iran.
So If two of the most technologically advanced militaries are obviously making embarrassing mistakes, do you think any military is safe?

Submission + - Us viewing encrypted Israeli drones' feed (

iceco2 writes: Us spying on allies is nothing new. It is surprising to see the ease with which encrypted israeli communication were intercepted. As always it wasn't the crypto which was broken just the lousy method it was applied with.

Comment She should have her license revoked (Score 0) 259

Until such a time the condition can be dealt with.
If she was unaware and could not reasonably be expected to be aware of her condition she should not face criminal charges (even a DUI charge). But only this time.
As it seems she is not yet over her condition, she should not be allowed to drive at all until such a time it is demonstrated she is medically fit to drive. The article makes no mention of such a limitation, so it seems the judge thinks she can continue driving drunk on self brewed alcohol.

Comment Use popular mature open source (Score 1) 257

I have maintained various legacy systems dating as far back as the late 1970s some have faired better than others. By far the biggest difference between those that faired well and those that didn't was continuous supoort. A system from 1990 that wasn't maintained for only a few years due to the false assumption it was being phased was much harder to maintain and than older system which never went out of maintainance.
The popular technilogies faired better than the trendy ones. PL1 Cobol and later C all faired well. Ada not so much. IBM mainframe faired very well. Nonstop servers (HP) not so much. Binary only libraries prevented hardware upgrades even when almost everything compiled properly. If you stick to the popular now yet mature technologies you won't be alone with your troubles down the road.

Comment Swap days with future employer (Score 1) 203

I have arranged this with a few employees from both directions when a replacement was not found in time.
Start doing a few days at your new job early (before the agreed upon date) they don't have to be in a row.
And return these days after a replacement has been found (but no more then two months after you start the new job or such like).
The new employer is likely to agree, it allows you to get into things sooner, and can prevent first week stagnation since you will be on boarding gradually.
It is common after the first day on the job the new boss realizes he isn't quite ready(accounts, training materials, computer, first assignment, ...) on-boarding gradually is easier. You probably can't do more then a handful of days this way but but a few days is much better than none.

Comment Why is Israel not part of the NNPT? (Score 1) 52

6 countries are believed to have held nuclear weapons as of the treay's creation.
Only 5 are recognized as "legitimate" nuclear powers.
Saying if you have them you may keep them but no one else can makes a minimal about of sense. Saying: "everyone who has them except Israel is allowed to keep them" is just plain wrong.

Comment It will be trivial to overcome (Score 1) 150

These glasses may foil current face detection techniques (I'm not even sure about that),
but based on the pictures provided they do not actually conceal from the camera a significant part of your face,
and do not introduce significant variable noise. It should be trivial to adjust face detection and recognition to overcome this
should these ever become popular enough.

Comment lifesize video conference (Score 3, Interesting) 164

I have used pretty much every tool out there skype, goto meeting hangouts to name the more popular ones. But when I did some work with E-bay a while back I got a chance to work with their lifesize system. The camera the screen the high definition and the lack of lag come together to make something far better then anything else I used. I suspect they charge an arm and a leg for such a setup but it works. (I have no financial intrest in lifesize )

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