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Comment "Fun"? (Score 2) 153

Maybe I'm getting hung up on the wrong thing here, but how the fuck do you measure how "fun" a web-browsing experience is? What does that actually mean? What is it that makes Firefox fundamentally more enjoyable during recreational use that, say, Chrome/Opera/Safari/IE/etc. are missing?

I'm fine with the rest of this and happy birthday to Firefox and all, but what is it that actually makes for a "fun" browsing experience, other than the specific websites that I choose to use?

Comment Games and reality (Score 4, Funny) 706

We don't know at what time that game becomes reality.

That's a good question. To the end of answering it, I'd like to be the kid's defense attorney for this case, because I've played through all of the Ace Attorney games, and I'm looking forward to the new one coming out soon in English.

This proposal is a simple one. If I am not allowed to defend the kid in court based on my experience with law video games, then they can't use video games to call him a murderer, so the prosecution has no case on those grounds. If I am allowed to defend him just because I've played some law video games, then we are unlikely to be able to make a decent defense case (but these are criminal charges, so reasonable doubt is a thing).

If the kid can be a murderer because of a mobile game, then I should be able to be his attorney because of Phoenix Wright.

Comment Like I said... (Score -1, Troll) 228

With the right spin, this is what I believed from the beginning about Microsoft Security Essentials. If the company can't even write a decent, secure operating system to begin with, why should we trust them to write decent dedicated antivirus software? What reason could we as a population of computer users have for having any confidence in this product? Of course it should be a relatively terrible at protecting a user's computer from viruses, because it comes from the same company who has that sort of track record with viruses in the OS to begin with (that is, the same reason why antivirus software is pushed onto users in the first place).

To believe that Microsoft Security Essentials is any good at what it is ostensibly meant to do is to believe that Microsoft is good at detecting and clearing viruses from users' systems, but to believe this is to hold a contradiction to every observation made of various versions of the Windows operating system.

Comment Already against this on principle. (Score 3, Informative) 506

Like TFS states, games can receive T, M, or AO ratings without being violent. If a game is AO for explicit sexual content, that isn't a violent video game (and I would be hard-pressed to find someone other than this Missouri representative who would believe otherwise). The ESRB does give specific qualifiers in the ratings for why a game is rated as it is. The ESRB will tell you, on the box, if a video game received its rating because of violent content.

If section 144.1020 were re-written so as to appear to be the product of a reasonable human being, I might be in favor of this idea.

Comment Re:Finally, a solution to abortion politics (Score 1) 367

I wanted to post something like this.

I think you're right -- assuming that the embryo or fetus can be transplanted from a biological to an artificial womb, this should be a legitimate solution to the abortion politics problem. The woman would be able to stop carrying her pregnancy at any time. The Church no longer needs to be worried about the destruction of life. Abortion could be outlawed in favor of this other measure, consistent with pro-life views.

We'll see how far this technology goes.

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