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Comment: Telemedicine for AMD on the way (Score 1) 74

by iarons (#31451152) Attached to: N.Y. Health Insurers To Offer Virtual Doc Visits
I've just written an in-depth article on the Notal Vision at home monitor for AMD sufferers, that is linked via a call center to a patient's retinal physician. The doc can monitor changes in retinal health of his patient, and arrange for an urgent visit if changes in vision require it. In this way, vision can be preserved/saved for those with late-stage dry AMD before it converts to blindness causing wet AMD. Here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/NotalVision Irv Arons

Comment: Additional Information (Score 1) 95

by iarons (#28602283) Attached to: Laser Treatment Could Save the Sight of Millions
Anyone interested in learning more about John Marshall's retinal regeneration process can read my article about the technology, written in November 2007. The title of my online Journal entry was: Ellex 2RT Retina Regeneration Therapy: A First Report and the link is: http://irvaronsjournal.blogspot.com/2007/11/ellex-2rt-retina-regeneration-therapy.html Irv Arons

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