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Comment: Art becomes reality: Looker (1981) (Score 1) 348

by iamcf13 (#22926890) Attached to: Women's Attractiveness Judged by Software
The movie Looker (1981):

Great 'cover version' of 'Looker Theme' from Looker:

If Looks Could Kill (Looker Mix)DeVorzon/Schulte

also another Looker 'track' there:

The Final Battle(Donovan Mix) DeVorzon/Schulte

No direct links to the .mp3's to minimze Slashdotting.

Perhaps the two .mp3s could be mirrored somewhere else to save the guy's bandwidth?


P.S. Not a shill, I just thought mentioning a movie which depicts using computer software to grade feminine beauty was appropriate. And the 'Looker Mix' .mp3 track mentioned above is great!

+ - Protesters labeled "terrorist sympathizers"

Submitted by Trnscndr
Trnscndr (1074392) writes "Yesterday in Washington, thousands of Christians marched against the war in front of the Whitehouse. More than 200 were arrested and fined, not for violence, but for standing instead of walking on the sidewalk. If anyone thinks there is a liberal bias in American news reporting, take a second look, and a third... First of all, as Stephen Colbert likes to say, "Truth has a liberal bias". The big problem is, who is telling the real truth? Nobody on your cable dial."

+ - Cutting Edge Credit Card?

Submitted by
pdbogen writes "I've recently become fed up with the particular way in which Bank of America's web site is user friendly, so I've started thinking about getting a different credit card and transferring my balance. I'm interested in finding out what the most technologically advanced credit card out there is (both in terms of physical technology, and in terms of the support provided for the card. An RSS feed of my transactions? A programmatic way to get access to my bank balance?)."
United States

+ - Beware the "Do not Call" list

Submitted by SubliminalVortex
SubliminalVortex (942332) writes "After wondering how I was contacted by some telemarketer, by recorded telephone message, after being put on the "Do Not Call" list, I wondered whether or not it was all a farce. After going to the site which harbors the "Do Not Call" list, I find the following: t129.htm

32. What's my liability if my company inadvertently calls a number on the registry?
The TSR has a "safe harbor" for inadvertent mistakes. If a seller or telemarketer can show that, as part of its routine business practice, it meets all the requirements of the safe harbor, it will not be subject to civil penalties or sanctions for mistakenly calling a consumer who has asked for no more calls, or for calling a person on the registry. To meet the safe harbor requirements, the seller or telemarketer must demonstrate that: it has written procedures to comply with the do not call requirements it trains its personnel in those procedures it monitors and enforces compliance with these procedures it maintains a company-specific list of telephone numbers that it may not call it accesses the national registry no more than 31 days (starting January 1, 2005) before calling any consumer, and maintains records documenting this process any call made in violation of the do not call rules was the result of an agreement:

I have to wonder if the company that called me this weekend had "safe harbor", especially when they were trying to sell me on a cruise and make sure my passport was up-to-date. By the way "safe harbor" turns up nothing more on that page than in the paragraph it's mentioned. Just exactly what is considered "safe harbor" when it comes to being 'intrusive'?"

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