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Comment Re:Snowden has jumped the shark (Score 1) 230 230

They are "human rights" organisations because they seek to have governments held accountable for upholding their legally binding international treaties that compel governments to offer basics human rights to their citizens. They are not representing any political ideology, but are independent and international, not seeking to be elected for any personal gain. The closest thing we have to elected officials with such a mandate is the UN. Like all organisations relying on donations, political and non-political, they have a natural incentive to behave in such a way that will increase their donations. There are few organisations in the world independently wealthy enough to allow that kind of absolute freedom.

Comment Re:Inbreeding? In a Small Tribe? I'm SHOCKED! (Score 1) 109 109

The summary clearly states inTERbreeding, the title turned it into inbreeding which is more or less the opposite. But this is Slashdot where the editors can't write and the posters can't read.

except that TFA includes the quoted title from the summary...

Comment Something is going on in Qatar... (Score 1) 659 659

an oil pipeline that would pass through Syria on its way to europe is blocked because of russian influence. while interested parties are keen to see the demise of Syria's government for many understandable, if not compelling, reasons, this is a major issue of economic competition. Russian has never been so good at economic competition and much prefers the monopoly.

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