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Comment: Re:great i live in germany :) (Score 1) 331

by iainl (#37625332) Attached to: Samsung Seeking Ban of iPhone 4S in Europe

The knowledge is shared. The only reason Samsung know that a device nobody other than a handful of journalists have held in their hands outside Apple is because it's impossible to implement standards without doing so. Those standards state that Samsung have to offer a licence under RAND principles to Apple, however, and they haven't done so.

Samsung have just pulled their pants down before challenging Apple to a "kicking each other in the balls" contest; not very wise.

Comment: Re:Spouse acceptance factor (Score 1) 96

by iainl (#37324858) Attached to: Stuffing a PS3 and an Xbox 360 Into a PC Case

Kids these days. We played 4-player Asteroids on an Atari 400 and a 15" telly, and WE LIKED IT.

Fair enough on the PC to TV thing, I suppose. If others find it difficult, they find it difficult. Possibly because I'm a sad git, I've never bought a HDTV that couldn't take the VGA output from my Dreamcast, if nothing else. But it's still easier than getting good performance out of an emulator, which is what the grandparent was discussing.

Comment: Re:Only applies to non-iPhones (Score 1) 308

by iainl (#37189402) Attached to: Smartphones: the New Home of Crapware

There are apps you can't remove under iOS - basically anything that comes pre-installed to the first screenful of stuff. App Store, iTunes (meaning the store, not your music), Game Center, Weather, Stocks, Face Time and YouTube all strike me as apps that not everyone would want, but can't be removed.

However, two ways that these are vastly better than the Sony instance is that none of them are running in the background stealing your CPU cycles and memory, and that all of them can be tucked away in an "undeletable crap" folder if their icons offend you.

Comment: Re:the decline started with the audio CD (Score 1) 674

by iainl (#36919960) Attached to: Why Your Dad's 30-Year-Old Stereo Sounds Better Than Yours

Since "warm" means a louder mid-low end, how do you pair that with blaming CD's lack of frequencies above 22kHz as being responsible for lower sound quality?

I mean, I get that vinyl has a warmer sound; I have enough of it. And I get that some people prefer the sound of vinyl. But I can get a sound that replicates that (to the point where I can't blind differentiate) by recording my vinyl to CD and playing that back. You can even break out the graphic EQ and roll off high frequency response and boosting the low end, to get a similar outcome.

So feel free to say you don't like CD sound. But the problem almost certainly seems to be one of mastering - far from CD's frequency response being lacking, it seems to be its superior high-end response that has led engineers to pile everything in the mid-high frequencies in search of tiresome, but attention-grabbing mixes.

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.